Janvhi Kapoor's 5 Expensive Bags, Which Can Cover The Cost Of 5 Intimate Weddings

Bollywood actress, Janhvi Kapoor has made our jaws dropped, thanks to her bag collection, which can cover the cost of 5 intimate weddings. Check it out!


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Janvhi Kapoor's 5 Expensive Bags, Which Can Cover The Cost Of 5 Intimate Weddings

Bollywood actress, Janhvi Kapoor, is the daughter of late actress, Sridevi and Bollywood producer, Boney Kapoor. The gorgeousness always wanted to become an actress, as her mommy, Sridevi used to tell her the bedtime tales of the cinema world. So, she has literally grown up in the eyes of the media. At the age of just 21, Janhvi had made her entry into the Indian cinema with her film, Dhadak, in 2018.

However, at that time, we were introduced to a shy Janhvi Kapoor, who was getting out of the phase of losing her mother, Sridevi. Just a few months before the release of her film, Janhvi had lost her mother, Sridevi in Dubai, due to accidental drowning. However, the young starlet kept on reminding us of the aura and the charm of Sridevi. Janhvi proved that she would take her mother, Sridevi's name, forward. take her mother, Sridevi's name forward.

Check out as we take you inside Janhvi's mesmerising bag collection, which can cover the cost of five weddings:

#1. Sky blue bag from Louis Vuitton

Janhvi Kapoor's bag collection

Bollywood actress, Janhvi loves her bag collection more than her jewels. Well, that's how it seems like! She has an amazing collection of bags from top brands. We have often spotted her carrying a sky blue chain bag by Louis Vuitton. The bag has some quirky patches that make it look more casual. However, it is the price of the bag that is even more amazing. It costs a whopping amount of Rs 1.6 Lakh. 

#2. The big tote bag from Goyard Saint Louis

There have been numerous times when Janhvi has reminded us of her late mother, Sridevi. Time and again, Janhvi has recreated her looks and has left everyone in love with her. However, it is her own unique sense of fashion, which often becomes headlines, and her bag collection tops it all. Another bag, which is a personal favourite of Janhvi, is the grey tote bag from Goyard Saint Louis. It also costs Rs 1.5 Lakh.

#3. Moschino Spongebob bucket bag

Janhvi Kapoor bag

Everyone will agree to the fact that Janhvi can be the best of both worlds. In one minute, she can exude her hotness quotients, and in the next, she will be like a cute girl. And she is not afraid to showcase her cute side in the media. In fact, we have often spotted her flaunting her super adorable Moschino Spongebob bag. The adorably cute bag from the Italian brand costs Rs 65,000.

#4. Denim and neon bag by Chanel

In an interview with the Vogue magazine, Janhvi had revealed that her mother never wanted her to be an actress. She had said that Sridevi had thought that her elder daughter was made for the world of glam and glitz. However, Janhvi definitely proved Sridevi wrong, and she must be happy seeing her daughter's hard work. Talking about Janhvi's bag collection, another gem, she owns is a denim and neon pink bag by Chanel. It costs a whopping Rs 3,13,400.

#5. Vintage Chanel bag

Talking about the man in Janhvi's life, there were conjectures that she is dating her Dhadak co-star, Ishaan Khatter. However, Janhvi never really talked about it in the media, in fact, she kept promoting her 'just friend' stance. Over the years, we have seen Janhvi turn into a gorgeous fashionista. And another bag, which she loves is a Chanel Vintage Square CC flap bag, which is made from pure lambskin. It costs a whopping Rs 2,13,640. 

Well, Janhvi owns gorgeous bags! Talking about her upcoming projects, she will be next seen in Dostana 2, opposite Kartik Aryan!

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