It Is Not Cool To Keep Your Date Waiting


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It Is Not Cool To Keep Your Date Waiting

Bollywood movies always portray the guy waiting for his beloved for hours and hours and finds happiness in the same. This is one reason why most Indian girls feel no regret when they make their partners wait for them. The popularly known fact about us Indians is that we never make it on time. However, making your partner wait for a long time is not fun, it is actually bad etiquettes.

Similarly for guys, if you have ensured a perfect date for your beloved at the best restaurant, do not make the mistake of making her wait there for you. A chivalrous gentleman always arrives before her, not much, just 5 minutes prior. This would only impress her.

Value time

You are no more school going kids. In this fast paced world ‘time is money, and nobody likes wasting it especially when they can actually invest it in something better. Waiting for the date to turn up is a big turn off and you wouldn’t want to spoil your date.

Fifteen or twenty minutes here and there due to traffic is ok but making your date wait for more than 30 minutes is bad manners (read: atrociously outrageous). It clearly gives a message that: you’d rather be somewhere else than spend time with her.

Don’t let the atmosphere blot

Nobody likes to wait; it is such wastage of time. Worse, it can even douse the romantic mood of your partner. Because you made her wait so long, she may get irritated and make it a task to glare at you all evening. Brace up for the ‘Huh’ and ‘Hummph’.  

Make sure that you leave on time to reach the on time. If at all you’re held due to unavoidable circumstances, call up and inform that you’ll be a little late. Don’t lie that you’ll be there in five minutes, when you’ll take at least 30.

Unfortunately, not many people see ‘being late’ as a slipup. I blame this casual attitude on the type of movies our cinema encourages. What one must realize is that while all is well that ends well, it also has to have a perfect start. 

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