Is Your Friend With A Loser


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Is Your Friend With A Loser

It isn’t easy to make a relationship work. Everyone knows that.

But if you thought that relationships were hard, just think about marriage for a minute. If you are not happy with your boyfriend, then you can always dump him without any repercussions. But marriage is generally for life. Once you are in, you can’t get out.

So if your friend is about to marry a loser, it is your duty to stop him or her from making the mistake of his/ her life. How do you identify a loser? Simple! If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the person is a loser:

·  Does your friend’s boyfriend/ girlfriend flirt with you or other people in the group?

·  Does your friend’s boyfriend/ girlfriend diss your friend behind his/ her back?

·  Does your friend’s boyfriend/ girlfriend seem to be too interested in your friend’s money?

·  Does your friend’s boyfriend/ girlfriend always criticize your friend in public?

·  Have you ever caught your friend’s boyfriend/ girlfriend checking out hot guys/ chicks behind your friend’s back?

This is not an exhaustive list, by any means. There are plenty of other signs by which a loser reveals himself. My point is that if, at any point of time, you think that a loser has latched on to your friend, you have a duty to do everything in your power to separate them.

Be gentle

You remember when you fell down and scratched your knee when you were little? Your mom or grandma probably put a Band aid over it until it healed. But do you remember how much it hurt to remove the band aid a few days later?

Relationships are like that too. The longer you drag out a bad one, the more it will hurt in the end. So if you want your friend to dump her loser boyfriend or girlfriend, then break the news to him/ her gently.

After all, love is blind. It is quite possible that your friend is simply unaware that his/ her significant other is a loser. Or perhaps he/ she simply chooses to rationalize away any misgivings. It is best if you think about your conversation a little bit before actually having it, and come up with some concrete examples of how your friend is being ill treated by his/ her significant other.

Strength in Unity

You know that there is strength in unity, right? That maxim applies to this situation too. If your friend is with a loser, then first discuss the situation amongst your entire group of friends. In this situation, a group intervention might be more effective than any other method.

Keep it in the family

If, in spite of all your efforts, your friend refuses to listen to reason and dump his/ her loser boyfriend/ girlfriend, then you might want to think about informing his/ her parents. Of course, this step has to be taken with due caution, because otherwise it will only inflame the situation.

Have you ever faced a similar situation in your own life? How did you handle it?


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