India's Only Female Motorcycle Blogger Priyanka Kochhar Ties Knot With Boyfriend


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India's Only Female Motorcycle Blogger Priyanka Kochhar Ties Knot With Boyfriend

Love is an unpredictable thing. No one knows when and how will the cupid strike. Just a simple first hello or favour can sometime lead to a lifetime of togetherness. And this is what happened with Priyanka Kochhar and Rishaad, who fell in love in the most surprising way. Eager to know their full story? Then read on to know all about it.

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But firstly does the name Priyanka Kochhar ring any bells? Yes, you have guessed it right. She is India’s only female motorcycle blogger and a “model represented by TFM models India and Wilhelmina Thailand. And her better-half Rishaad is the Road Test Editor at Overdrive magazine.

The Punjabi kudi and Parsi lad met in Delhi during F1 and rather had a strange encounter which led to love and finally marriage. Priyanka shared her first meet with Rishaad and said:

“We met at the first ever Formula One Race at the Buddh International Circuit in Delhi. One of my closest friends was his colleagues at the time and we were introduced through him. By the end of the first day at F1, all our phone batteries had died and only Rishaad (my husband) had some charge on his phone, so I requested him to take a pic of me with a Nico's(F1 driver) cutout. He then creepily said to me " if you want these photos, I'm going to need your no to WhatsApp them to you". We started chatting after. His sense of humour and wit had us chatting a lot more from that day on. The rest was history!”

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And if you are expecting some romantic proposal from Rishaad after being in a relationship with his ladylove for quite some time, then you will be disappointed. Priyanka shared:

“There was never a proposal. We've been together for 4 years and were very comfortable to get hitched.”

And so did it happen. The marriage celebration was grand four day affair with sangeet, mehendi, engagement and reception in Pune. The wedding was planned by Priyanka’s parents, Meena and Sunil Kochhar, and it was just the way she had thought of. Not to miss, each and every moment of this exquisite affair was captured very well by the team of The Photo Diary.

The ecstatic bride shared her wedding plans, saying:

“I never expected my folks to give me such a wonderful wedding. They took care of the fact that I'm a complete tomboy that didn't want things to be overly traditional. They respected the fact that I'm marrying into a Parsi family (which has a vastly different culture compared to us Punjabis in terms of celebrating a wedding). My father has had to undergo eye surgery 4 times this year, but he and my mum never let that serve as a handicap for them. My parents let me be me during this wedding and I didn't have to stand up to any expectations of what a Punjabi bride must be at her wedding. (Shy and traditional, basically). Because frankly, I was loud, brash and didn't have a care in the world while I danced the whole four days away!”

Of all the ceremonies, sangeet was her favourite as the boy’s side was invited and it turned out to be a big fat party. The couple did not take pheras. The bride shared the reason:

“The Parsis worship fire too, and do not circle it, so we didn't want to end up with offending their religion. We had a blessing ceremony and took our own vows instead.”

Such a great idea to blend cultures together, isn’t? But, the most touching part of the wedding was the time when Priyanka’s family members performed for the couple. Priyanka shared the happy moment, saying:

“It was when my mum-dad, brother-bhabhi and my 85 year old G. Mum who can barely walk got on stage and dedicated a little something to Rishaad and me at the engagement/Sangeet. It was to my favourite song 'Kabira'.  My grandmother has been my best friend ever since college and the minute I saw her get on stage, I couldn't hold back.”

And one can see this happy emotion in the picture.

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One of the highlights of every wedding is the bridal look and the trousseau. Even Priyanka was very particular about the overall look and made sure she sticks to it. The beaming bride shared:

“Since I model for a living, I was quite sure that I wanted to go very minimal with all my 4 looks. But the person that actually helped me put it all together was a close friend and one of the best and most trusted fashion stylists I know, Nelly Wadia. She helped me budget, speak to fellow designers about my outfits, sorted me out with some lovely jewellery and even moodboarded my hair and makeup look for each function. I didn't really care about matching myself against the theme, flower arrangements or any of that. I think it's more important to dress oneself up than go berserk with the larger picture. It'll all work out in that photo frame when you're in it. I was very clear that especially since Im always in hair and makeup on shoot days, I wanted as little of it as possible on my face at my wedding.”

And all her attires were spot on. Be it the off shoulder blouse with blue embroidered skirt, simple yellow kurta for haldi ceremony or the beautiful golden lehenga on her wedding day, she looked absolutely stunning in every outfit.

Even with minimum makeup and jewellery, she looked as fresh as dew. The happiness and joy of starting a new chapter with the ‘One’ is very evident in the couple’s pictures. Looking at their pictures, one can only say that they are truly a match made in heaven. Isn’t?

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We at Bollywoodshaadis wish the newlyweds, Priyanka and Rishaad a life full of love, laughter and happiness!

Images Courtesy: The Photo Diary