How To Select A Stylish Safa Or Headgear For The Groom


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How To Select A Stylish Safa Or Headgear For The Groom

How do you spot the groom in a typical Indian wedding? The perfect attributes of an immaculately turned out Indian groom are a richly embroidered sherwani, a stole worn around the neck, mojdis (traditional Indian footwear) and, a stylish safa or turban with a jewelled brooch or kalgi pinned in the front or a feather perched on the top.

Of the entire look, the safa or the turban is what grabs the attention instantly. It is an important part of not only the groom’s attire but also that of his father, uncles, cousins, best man and other immediate male relatives. However, the groom’s turban is naturally far more special than the rest. Read to know how you can make it special and look super stylish.

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The traditional safa

The importance attached to turbans is on account of the fact that Indian kings and princes considered their crown and turban as a symbol of their pride. It has always been considered a symbol of self-esteem for Indian men. In many rural parts of India, a turban is part of the everyday attire of men even today. However, in the rest of the country, turbans are now worn only at weddings, making it all the more necessary to make it special.

The tradition is pan-Indian, as grooms from all Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or Jain communities don a safa on their wedding day. The style and design of the headgear for the groom can differ from one community to another though.

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Play with the fabric

Traditionally, a safa is a simple red or pink coloured cloth in cotton, either plain or of tie-and-dye pattern, tied around the head. But with the changing times and increasing lavishness of Indian weddings, this symbol of pride has gone through some major transformations.

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The best way to make your safa look great is to balance it with your outfit. You can easily do this with the choice of fabrics. Team the traditional, simple monochrome safa in cotton or raw silk with an elaborate or heavily embroidered outfit, and go for a richly embellished safa in opulent fabrics like silk, brocade or satin for a relatively simpler outfit.

Add accessories and embellishments

With a heavy safa, you can go all out and add as many accessories or embellishments as you want. Intricate embroidery in the front, beads, crystals, and much more! This adorned with a dangling chain of pearls, and a delicate yet proud feather, makes your safa look regal.

The kalgi or jewelled brooch can be pinned in the front to add to the royal look. These brooches are usually studded with colourful stones or semi-precious gems, pearls, kundan and crystals.

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Customise for the perfect fit

The concept of “one size fits all” is passe. There are designers who specially design and create special safas for grooms according to their sizes and preferences. When it fits snug on the forehead, without leaving any loose gaps, it adds to the entire look. This is why more grooms are now opting for customised safas.

The flower veil or sehra

In many communities it is still considered ominous for the bride and the groom to see each other before the wedding. This is why safas have strings of flowers hanging at the front, covering the groom’s face during the ceremonies. You can also choose pearl strings instead of flowers if you wish to go that extra mile to look ultra stylish.

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Choosing a super stylish safa for a glamorous and royal look is not difficult anymore, is it? Simple additions can instantly make your safa shine! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.