How To Decorate The Wedding Night Room Of A Newlywed Couple


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How To Decorate The Wedding Night Room Of A Newlywed Couple

Weddings, no doubt, are fun and happy celebrations, but they are filled with endless planning, chores, budgeting, shopping etc. as well. And, all this wedding planning stress does not just engulf the entire family, but the to-be wed couple as well.

Out of everything that needs to be planned and organised, like the ceremonies, decor, venues, flowers, rituals, etc., one thing related to weddings that gets the most "step-wardly" treatment is the couple’s wedding night room. Well, if you are making so much effort to ensure that this new phase of their life is so exhilarating and celebrative; then, why not make the same efforts to make their journey into being one forever, smooth and exciting too.

So, all the brothers, sisters and friends of the couple who have taken this task on themselves, read as we give you the best ideas on how you can decorate a newlywed couple’s room to give them a fragrant and beautiful welcome into the new life. Well, dear to-be wed couples, you too can read on if you are planning for a special first night, maybe during your honeymoon (wink!).

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The Logistics

First and foremost, make sure that you take care of the following things, so that mundane everyday reality does not get in the way of the couple enjoying the most romantic first night together.


Many a times, couples (or their families) decide to book a hotel room for the wedding night, so that they can unwind and enjoy themselves away from the post-wedding hustle-bustle. Talk to the couple, and see what they are planning- a night in their own bedroom or booking a suite at a hotel? This is essential, as you don’t want your efforts to go waste by decorating the wrong place.

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Since most wedding ceremonies involve some amount of fasting for both the bride and the groom, make sure that there is some food available for them in the room. Even if they are not fasting, the hustle-bustle of the wedding is enough to curb anyone’s appetite, right? So, it is best to keep some, light, easy, and comforting snacks for them in the room, like some low-calorie snacks, fruits, or some smoothies and juices.


It is a common custom to decorate the wedding bed with flowers for the suhagraat. But, it is quite possible that either the bride or the groom might be allergic to certain flowers or fragrances. So, confirm with the couple whether any precautions of this nature have to be taken. Dear newlyweds, if you are decorating the room as a surprise to your better half, make sure you know about their allergies as well to ensure a smooth start to your married life.

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The Decoration

This sets the mood of the night, helping the couple to bond with each other, and also unwind after the wedding stress.

Colour Scheme

The colour theme of the room goes a long way in setting the mood of the evening. You can set the room in soft pastel shades of pink, cream or blue. Or, you can go bold and beautiful, with colours like red, orange and purple. Once the colour theme is decided, all you have to do is add elements, like the curtains, bed sheet, flowers, candles, etc., keeping that theme in mind

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The Bed

The bed is probably the most important piece of furniture in the room! So, the bed, without a doubt, needs to be decked up. You can go for simple traditional setup, with flower petals, flower vines and flower curtains.

If you are in a mood to get creative, think about confetti, net curtains around the bed posts, etc. You can even design or write something on the bed with the help of flower petals. Say, you can either design hearts, or write, ‘Have Fun!’, ‘Happy Wedding Night!’, etc. Well, for those who have creativity and romance hidden in their hearts, the sky is the limit.

The Lighting

Instead of having fluorescent and other bright lights in the room, consider scattering a number of softer lamps around to room to creating a dim romantic glow and a feeling of intimacy. You can also go for candles and candles, alone.

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The Extra Effort

All above things would do the trick, but how about going a few notches up with your planning? Well, we asked you to keep some food in the room, how about adding some chocolates, strawberries and champagne to your list as well? And, do not forget the traditional kesar badam (saffron and almond) milk for the newlyweds!

Also, instead of just adding colourful candles, pick up some fragrant, aromatic ones as well. You can also sprinkle some exotic fragrance in the room, like lavender or jasmine, to set the mood just right for the special night!

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We hope you have got enough ideas on how to make the wedding room beautiful, perfect and as exciting as the new journey that the newlyweds are ready to embark on! If you have any more exciting tips to give, then do share those with us. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.