Hema Malini Reveals Fourth-Time-'Nanu', Dharmendra's Reaction On Having Twin Granddaughters

Elated 'nani maa', Hema Malini has revealed Dharmdendra ji's reaction on having twin granddaughters and how she is going to help the little twin girls and second-time mom, Ahana Deol Vohra.


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Hema Malini Reveals Fourth-Time-'Nanu', Dharmendra's Reaction On Having Twin Granddaughters

Having your own kids gives you happiness while watching your kids having their own kids give you a joy that is beyond explanation. Hema Malini and Dharmendra are also feeling the same happiness for the fourth time in their lives as their younger daughter, Ahana Deol Vohra has welcomed twin daughters into her life. For the unversed, Ahana had tied the knot with Delhi-based businessman, Vaibhav Vohra. Ahana and Vaibhav are proud parents to a baby boy, Darien Vohra, and now their family is complete with the birth of their two little twin daughters, Astraia and Adea Vohra. (Also Read: 'Mirzapur 2' Fame, Priyanshu Painyuli Gets Married To GF, Vandana Joshi, Wedding Album Inside)

It was second-time mommy, Ahana Deol, who had announced the news of giving birth to twin girls on November 26, 2020, on her IG handle. On November 27, 2020, she had taken to her IG stories to announce the happy news. Revealing the names of her daughters, Ahana had written, “Some miracles come in pairs. We are blessed to announce the arrival of our twin girls, Astraia and Adea Vohra. Born on - 26 November 2020. Proud parents Ahana and Vaibhav Vohra. Excited Brother Darian Vohra. Overjoyed grandparents Pushpa and Vipin Vohra, Hema Malini and Dharmendra Deol.” Now, elated nani maa, Hema ji has revealed Dharmendra ji's reaction on having twin granddaughters and how she is going to help the little girls and second-time mom, Ahana with parenting.


In a conversation with SpotboyE, Hema Malini revealed that she and Dharam ji are thrilled with the arrival of new members in their family. Hema ji shared Dharm ji’s reaction to the news of having twin granddaughters. She said, “Dharamji says, ‘Hamari phulwari badi ho rahi hai (our garden is growing). With Esha’s two daughters and Ahana’s three children, I couldn’t have asked for more.” She also shared that though the parents have already decided the name for the twin girls, they will have an official naam-karan ceremony on the eleventh day of their birth. She said, “On the eleventh day, we’ll have a formal Naam-Karan for the twins. It’ll be a strictly family affair. Just us and Ahana’s in-laws. Next year hopefully things will be normal again, and we will have a grand first birthday party for the twins.”    

Esha And Ahana Family

Hema ji also shared how she and her husband, Dharam ji have always prayed to be grandparents and now they are blessed with five grandchildren. She shared, “To have babies in our family after so long is such a blessing. After my daughters, Esha and Ahana were born there was a very long gap when there were no babies around us. When Esha and Ahana grew up, got married and moved out, both, my husband Dharamji and I prayed to be  grandparents.” As god fulfilled their prayers by blessing them with two more grandkids, Hema ji joyously shared that her daughter, Ahana and her husband, Vaibhav always wanted to have twins. Sharing how it is a full house now for the parents, Hema ji said, “Ahana and her husband Vaibhav wanted to have twins. They had even decided the names for their twin daughters Astraia and Adea. Ahana already has a son who is like cutest. I call him little Krishna. Now there are two little girls, So it’s a full house.” (Don't Miss: New Bride, Sana Khan Spends Quality Time With Hubby, Mufti Anas Sayied, Sets Out For A Car Ride)

Ahana Deol Family

Hema ji feels that the lockdown period is the best time for grandparenting and shared how she used to shuttle between her house and Ahana’s house during her pregnancy. She shared, “Ever since Ahana got pregnant I have been shuttling between my home and hers. It is my only outing during the pandemic. Now that there are three children to be looked after at Ahana’s residence I will be spending as much time with them as possible. Ahana’s in-laws’ residence is close to mine.” Despite Ahana’s in-law’s home being close to Hema ji’s home, she said that she will not interfere in their lives and will be there for them only when needed. She added, “I do not interfere at all with either Esha or Ahana’s lives. They are both capable of making their own decisions. Then they’ve very capable husbands. I am very proud of both my sons-in-law. All decisions are taken by my daughters, their husbands and the husbands’ parents. After them, I’m there for anything. Even regarding spending time with Ahana’s babies, I will make sure I will be there only when they need me.”

Hema Esha Ahana

Esha Deol and Hema ji are beaming with happiness with the good news of welcoming two little girls into their lives and expressed it on their respective IG handles. While massi, Esha Deol announced the news of her sister, Ahana welcoming two new lives on her IG stories, her mommy, Hema ji posted a baby announcement picture on her IG handle and wrote, “Delighted to share the good news of my younger daughter @a_tribe and @vaivohra who are blessed with twin girls. Extremely happy to become grandmother once again with two beautiful angels #Astraia and #Adea.” (Recommended Read: Ziva Dhoni Looked Grumpy As She Stepped Out With 'Papa', MS Dhoni And Mom, Sakshi Dhoni In Dubai)

Esha Deol

Hema Malini

Congratulations to Ahana and the entire Deol and Vohra family!

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