Gujarati Bride Wrote Her Exam Papers, Donning Her Regal Wedding Lehenga, Just Before Her D-Day

A Gujarati bride had given her exam just before her wedding, stunning in her red-coloured ensemble. Read on to know her reasons behind setting such high standards for every bride-to-be!


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Gujarati Bride Wrote Her Exam Papers, Donning Her Regal Wedding Lehenga, Just Before Her D-Day

A wedding is such an event in every woman's life where they fulfil all the dreams they had dreamt for a lifetime. Thus it becomes a moment full of roller-coaster emotions. On one side, the lady is all set to step forward in her new life with the man of her dreams. But, on the other hand, the thought of leaving their parents' home used to make them teary-eyed. However, modern-day brides are setting pure inspirational goals for every bride-to-be with their choices and strong decisions in their lives.

One such bride, who had set high standards for every bride-to-be was Shivangi Bagatharia, hailing from Gujarat. She had tied the knot with the man of her dreams, Parth Padaliya, on November 22, 2021. However, her action of writing her exam papers just a few moments before her wedding, donning the same ensemble, heavy makeup and jewellery had won millions of hearts. Her then-groom, Parth had waited for her outside the examination hall so that they could take the then-bride to the marriage hall just after her examination was over. Glimpses of the same went viral soon after the incident took place. Check out!

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Shivangi Bagatharia, a Rajkot girl, who was pursuing Bachelors of social work had appeared in her 5th-semester exams just a few hours before her wedding. In a recent interview with the Humans of Bombay, Shivangi revealed that the inspiration behind prioritising education at first had come after seeing her mother. She mentioned that when she and her brother were small, they used to wait outside the examination hall, where their mother had written the exam. Later, her mother had become the principal of her school. Drawing inspiration from the same, Shivangi always focussed on academics, and since she wanted to open her own NGO, she started pursuing BSW. She said:

“When Mummy married Papa, she was still in college. She got pregnant a few months later & had to quit. But she wanted to get back to it; I was 8 when she began classes to finish her degree. My brother & I’d wait outside the exam hall for 3 hours while she finished her paper. Since then, it was imprinted in my mind that education always came first. Mummy went on to become my school principal. She inspired me to work hard—I’d usually rank amongst the top 3! After I graduated, I wanted to open my own NGO. To fulfil this dream, I started pursuing a degree in Social Work. “

shivangi in exam hall

In the same conversation, Shivangi mentioned that when she had met the man of her dreams, Parth Padaliya through an arranged marriage set-up, she had told him about her focus on studies. And Parth's immense support in her decision had led them towards marriage. November 22, 2021, was fixed as their wedding date. However, even during the wedding preparations, she didn't let her course suffer. She revealed:

“Then 2 years later, when I met Parth through an arranged marriage set up, life as I knew it changed! The 1st time I met him, I said, ‘I want to follow my dreams. I won’t compromise on that!’ & he said, ‘I want to do the same!’ The more we talked, the more I liked him. Next month, after understanding him more, I said ‘Yes!’ The wedding date was set; 6 months flew by in preps, but I didn’t let my course suffer.”

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Just a week before Shivangi's marriage with the love of her life, Parth, her exam schedule had come out. And after learning that her wedding and exam date are on the same day, she had called her then-groom-to-be. With Parth's immense support, they had postponed their wedding from morning to afternoon, and while she was getting ready for the D-Day, she had studied all the time. Talking about the same, Shivangi explained:

“But even in my worst nightmare, I hadn’t imagined that my exam would be set on my wedding day! When I found out, I called Parth & he said, ‘You can’t skip your exams, they’re important!’ We pushed the wedding from morning to afternoon. The night before, I arrived at the parlour at 2am. I studied as they got me ready; Parth stayed up with me.”



Concluding the interview, she said that though her wedding was a hectic one, it was one of the most memorable days of her life. She also revealed a sweet conversation during her ceremony, which she would like to treasure for a lifetime. Talking about the same, she retorted:

“When I walked into that classroom at 10:30AM, in my bridal lehenga, my classmates were flabbergasted. But my teacher applauded me for prioritising my studies! For the next 2 hours, I focused on my exam. After it ended, I rushed to my wedding & arrived at the mandap with just enough time to spare—the muhurat was at 1pm! As hectic as it was, it was also the most beautiful day of my life. During the ceremony, Parth said, ‘You inspire me!’ It’s been 6 months since, & life hasn’t slowed down! I’m pregnant now, but that hasn’t pushed the brakes on my dreams. In fact, I’m more motivated—I want to set a good example for my child. The example that, it’s only after you work on yourself that you can be more for others—always fill your own cup first!”

groom bride

Earlier in an interview with the Brut, Shivangi and her husband, Parth had also revealed the immense support they have for each other's career. For the wedding, the then-bride had donned a red-coloured heavily embellished lehenga paired with a matching choli and a dupatta. She accessorised her look with a broad choker neckpiece, a long necklace, matching matha patti, a maang teeka, a nath and matching bangles. On the other hand, her then-groom had looked dapper in a cream-coloured bandhgala suit paired with a red churidar, dupatta and pagdi.

Well, the bride has definitely set some pure inspiration for every bride-to-be. What do you think? Let us know.

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