8 Fun Gifts To Make Your Partner Feel Special From Miles Away In A Long-Distance Relationship


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8 Fun Gifts To Make Your Partner Feel Special From Miles Away In A Long-Distance Relationship

Love knows no boundaries. All it knows is to care for the loved ones, and to make them feel special every moment of the day. While expressing love is easy when you stay together, it tends to become tougher when you are doing long-distance. Although, phone calls, messages, video chats work as the fillers, there is always a gap left that requires to be filled, in order to show your intensity of affection. Keeping the flame burning in a long-distance relationship is hard. Gifts and special gestures are always a win. (READ: 6 Brilliantly Creative Ideas To Gift Jewellery To Your Partner). Some of the creative ideas to makes your loved one feel special, eventually has become too cliché. But, fret not because we are here to offer you some newer ideas! Let us explore some innovative ideas to not only put a smile on your loved one's face who lives miles apart, but also convey your feelings with flair:

#1. AirOhMail Greetings

Image Courtesy: Air Oh! Mail

Unique as it sounds, AirOhMail Greetings is an innovative concept. When you combine greeting cards and balloons, two of the cutest things to convey heartfelt messages, you get AirOhMail Greetings. While the card holds a personalised message, it also has a high-quality foil balloon packed inside that inflates when the recipient opens the card.

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#2. Personalised novel

Image Courtesy: Virgin Experience Days

The idea of creating personalised novels gives you the opportunity to pen down your own love story. You can choose to self-publish in print or e-book format and gift it to your beloved for the biggest and sweetest surprise ever.

#3. Dual time zone watches

Image Courtesy: Amazon (left), Aliexpress (right)

While gifting a watch has become a cliché, sending a dual time zone watch to your partner is an innovative thought. If the gift is meant for your girlfriend, then an elegant and stylish necklace with a dual time zone watch as a pendant. Set one of the time zones according to your location, and other according to your beloved’s. Each time they look at the time, they would be reminded of you!

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#4. Personalised coupons

Image Courtesy: American Crafts, Personalization Mall (inset)

Coupons have become an easy gift to present to somebody. Coupons that are usually redeemable for special gifts, events and favours, can be further personalised now. With various sites and shops giving you the option, create a one-of-a-kind customised love coupon book that you can both enjoy. You can add things like candlelit dinner, bubble baths, weekend trips, and whatnot as special gifts in these coupons.

#5. Telegram

Gif via Tumblr

Ever heard that ‘old is gold’! Now you can experience its truth. With email, text messages and chats being the fastest and latest modes of communication, our inboxes are usually filled with surplus unread messages. Receiving texts or email does not excite us anymore. Try sending a telegram instead to express your feelings to your loved one. Not only would they feel special, but would also appreciate your effort.

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#6. Paper roses

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Roses indeed are the truest expressions of love, however they have become way too common nowadays. It is time to give the old ritual a twist by sending your loved ones paper roses. Send a bunch of paper roses which would never die, and get every rose encrypted with a sweet message like “I will love you till the last rose dies!” You can be further creative by printing photos of you two on the paper roses.

#7. Customised bobbleheads

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

After the popularity of basketball bobbleheads, the craze has spread across the world. The variation in the product came in terms of country and culture. So, even you can create a bobblehead of your own to be sent to your beloved one. Alternatively, you can also customise the bobblehead to look like you and your partner to make the surprise even better.

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#8. Diamond candles

Image Courtesy: Diamond Candles

Diamond candles are an exclusive option, only for the ones who wish to propose to their long-distance partners. These candles contain beautiful rings packed in protective foil pouches. You have to melt the candle until the ring is revealed. You can even custom-make a candle with a ring you bought specifically for your partner. Warn your partner to be patient enough for the wax to cool down before extracting the ring. You can convince your partner to have a candlelit dinner over Skype, and see the joy on their face the very moment they discover the ring. You can even record this and make a memory for life.

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While there are much more options that you would find around you, surely the above listed are some of the best, most innovative, heart-melting and expressive ways to tell your long-distance partner how much you appreciate them.

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