7 Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Grooms Should Stop Making Right Now


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7 Biggest Fashion Mistakes That Grooms Should Stop Making Right Now

There are hundreds of articles on the internet that talk about what brides should do and what they shouldn’t, what beauty regimes they should follow and what they must avoid, but there are a very few of them that talk about what grooms should do and what they shouldn’t.

So, ease out all the men out there, we have penned down some common fashion blunders to avoid. Scroll on and have a look!

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#1. Wearing a tuxedo in the morning

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While women have a plethora of options to wear on their wedding day, men have very few. It is either a suit, a sherwani or a classy tuxedo. But out of the three, a tux is supposed to be an after 6 p.m. outfit. Wearing it for the morning ceremonies is a BIG NO!

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#2. Not carrying a handkerchief

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Whether you are wearing a sherwani or tux, complete your look by a handkerchief. And moreover, weddings are emotional. There might be some moments that can bring tears to your bride’s eyes. Therefore, you need to have a hanky with you to wipe off her tears. 

#3. Wearing braces and a belt together

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When both are meant for the same purpose- to hold your pants up in place, why wear both at the same time and look weird?

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#4. Keeping the length of trousers too long

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The length of your pants need to just touch your shoelaces. Longer or shorter than that makes your pant look badly tailored, and spoils your entire look. And, if you talk about the ongoing trend, ankle length trousers are in.

#5. Fastening all the buttons of your coat

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Yes, the suits come with one, two, three or more buttons, but buttoning them all up spoils the complete look. Fastening one or maximum two is still okay as it looks stylish, but more than that - NAY!

#6. Wearing light coloured suits for the evening functions

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Light colour suits look very graceful and stylish when it is a morning function. Blacks, blues, dark browns and greys are the colours that are meant to shine and dazzle at evening or night functions.

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#7. Not paying attention to the bride’s dress

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In Indian weddings, the brides consider their wedding outfit to be the most important part. And so, the outfits are grand, heavy and of course, exquisite. It is therefore, important for you to match your bride’s dress. Go for heavy outfit if she is wearing something heavy. And, if she is wearing something subtle, opt for something minimalistic.

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Keep the aforementioned things in mind, and you will never make any sort of fashion blunder on the most important day of your life. Here’s wishing you a happy and stylish wedding!