Expert Fashion Tips For Indian Grooms To Go Colourful


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Expert Fashion Tips For Indian Grooms To Go Colourful

As the grooms today get super cautious about how they look, they are getting even more careful while choosing what they wear. They not only visit salons for regular grooming sessions, but also explore designer stores to create the perfect look for their wedding. This has become a top priority on their to-do list. But what is even more exciting is that the grooms of today are not afraid to go flamboyant and experiment with their wedding wear.

For all those men who are in the same shoes, here are some of the best tips for all of you to add colours to your wedding attire.

#1. Bright colours are in!

Gone are the days when monochrome beige, blue or brown used to be the classic choice for a prospective groom. Adding hints of golden or ivory used to be the maximum they could do in order to experiment with the colours. But, now is the age of the bright side of the colour wheel! From deep purples, manic magentas, brick reds to “no more mellow” yellows, we see the modern groom donning ensembles in these hues with much fervour.

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#2. Add colours with bling

It is not just about coordinating a colour with the bride’s outfit anymore. Grooms nowadays want combinations in their own outfits as well. If not in the fabric, they ask for it in the embellishments. So, here is how you can do it.

Colours and shine

Indian weddings are supposed to be a blingy affair. If you add too many colours to the bling, the elegance and classiness will be easily lost. Instead, go for single eye-catching colour, such as deep red or royal blue. The look can be completed by adding the elements like Swarovski stones, zardozi and cutdana beads.

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Colours and combinations

A typical Indian wedding has at least four to five ceremonies for which the groom requires ensembles. If you want to experiment with colours out and out, there is a lot you can do for your pre-wedding functions.

  • For ceremonies like the mehendi or sangeet, you can choose colours like tangy orange, bottle green, and sunny yellow for the kurta and chudidar. You can combine this with a velvet waistcoat in a contrasting colour, like bright orange or pink, depending on the colour of your kurta.
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  • If you are wearing a bold coloured sherwani, or a colourful combination in your jacket and kurta, have intricate detailing in black on the collar and buttons. This will balance out the colour and add a rich touch to your style.
  • If you wish to keep it subtle, you can incorporate a little colour by taking a simple, classic beige kurta with coloured button holes and buttons along with a colourful band cuff. This look would look great for your engagement ceremony.

  • An overdose of bright colours can easily make you look loud. Our advice would be to wear bright uppers and contrast them with a neutral lower. For instance, if you are going to opt for a bright pink jacket, team it with beige Jodhpuri trousers to balance the burst of colour.

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Colours, not just for the outfit

You need not restrict colours to your outfit alone. You can play with the accessories too!

  • An element that is extremely significant is your footwear. Initially there used to be the question about the style of footwear, but now grooms think about the colour as well. Jootis and Peshawari sandals are now especially customised for a groom. While jootis can be made in bright and heavy brocades, Peshawaris are often made in silk or velvet in striking colours.

  • Like we mentioned before, if you are keeping it subtle, choose a coloured band cuff to match your buttons or jootis.
  • Team a bright coloured or embellished stole with a subtle kurta or sherwani, and vice versa, for a neatly balanced look.
  • With a coloured outfit, if you are keeping your safa very simple and plain, do have a kundan kalgi to it for an instant touch of glamour.

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The idea is to make colours work for you. And when you get the trick right, you can easily be the trendiest groom in town. Armed with these tips, you can warn your bride-to-be that she would not be the only one hogging all limelight on the big day! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.