10 Foolproof Excuses To Get Men Out Of Trouble When They Forget About Anniversaries And Birthdays


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10 Foolproof Excuses To Get Men Out Of Trouble When They Forget About Anniversaries And Birthdays

Remembering dates is where men lag a lot behind women. And, when they forget their anniversary or the birthday of their girlfriend/wife, even God fails to save them. It is like falling into a swamp and as you keep struggling, you go deeper and deeper. There is actually no way out other than the lady standing in front of you, who is refusing to save you. You need to give her some excuse, which is good and creative enough to convince her to forgive you. But remember, you cannot pull a box of chocolates, or a bunch of roses, or plan a romantic trip, when you are still stuck in the swamp. Everyone has his own list of the funniest, craziest, quirkiest and smartest excuses that has saved them from their beloved’s wrath. In case you run out of reasons, do not worry, we have listed down a few for you.

Here are the best excuses that we found that could (sometimes) save men if they forget their anniversary or their sweetheart’s birthday.

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#1. Tell her you confused the dates

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Tell her that you think the day you met is your anniversary, not the day you made it official. But, this will only be a successful excuse if you remember the date you met. If you do not, then you will be sinking deeper into the swamp. Just do not pick up a random date because for sure she will ask ,“So, what was the date when we met?” And, trust us she will remember the date!

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#2. Say you wanted to surprise her

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“I wanted to surprise you in a very unique way, but it would not have been a surprise if it was your birthday. So, I planned it few days later. I swear!” Now she will happily take you out of the swamp and lead you to your comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. But, you have to plan something really great to make sure the happiness remains and she is actually ‘surprised’. If you are not able to make up for it in the next few days, then be ready to be pushed into that swamp again, and there will be no one to help you out this time.

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#3. Blame genetics

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This will lead you to another series of questions. How are you able to remember what some complete stranger achieved and on what date? How are you able to remember the date when some cricketer scored his highest back in 1970s? Have patience and explain to her that you are driven by testosterone, which makes you more motivated towards remembering dates related to competitiveness and aggression. Seems like a dicey logic, but hey, it might just work!

#4. Blame your luck

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“I went to book tickets honey, but my luck screwed me. All the tickets for the week were already booked, so I had to make it next week.” Do not wait for even a second after you see her smile; run and run fast, and breath only after you book the tickets you just told her about.

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#5. Compliment her

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“Baby, you don’t look a day older, you look the same as the day we met, rather prettier and more graceful. I did not realise that we have spent another wonderful year together”, “you look stunning today”, “have you done something with your hair?” Flattery never fails and women melt when they are flattered. This will distract her from being mad at you.

#6. Tell a white lie

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“Don’t you worry dear; I did not forget our special day. How could you even accuse me of being so thoughtless? I have bigger plans for making the celebration special. And a big surprise is coming for you very soon.” Just utter these words, run to the nearest device with Internet, and book a romantic getaway at some exotic place right away. This will save you from being the guilty one for the rest of your life. Yes, she will make you feel guilty every moment for your sins.

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#7. Talk of traffic woes

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Cook up some real stuff like “I was on my way to get your birthday present, but was stuck on some road and when I reached the jewellery shops had already pulled down their shutters.” Make sure the next day you actually turn up with a real present, or else you will face her fury!

#8. Blame technology

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“Darling, didn’t you get the e-card I scheduled a week back? Oh shit! The proxy server may have blocked the e-card I mailed you”. The proxy servers that you have blamed your whole life will become literal lifesavers now.

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#9. Rebuke the delivery system

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Say that the delivery did not arrive on time, that it was a wrong delivery; you can even say that the delivery got cancelled due to no reason. Take advantage of the faulty delivery system now. Tell her you have already ordered her favourite watch online, but the website did not deliver on the promised date. Yes! Just blame it on the bogus website, but make sure you order something for her right away.

#10. Say it got stolen

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If you think nothing above will help you, then you can blame it all on theft. “Baby, I got a very pretty gift for you. Then, I went to get you some flowers. And, it got stolen on the way!” This may just earn you some sympathy in addition to getting you out of trouble!

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We can tell you– there is nothing better than honesty. The best advice for you will be to apologise sincerely and comfort her by telling her that you forgot her birthday or your anniversary. No excuses; just accept your fault. Just make up for it by doing something genuinely nice, and all will be forgiven. Nothing can help you win a girl’s heart faster than this. We promise!

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