Ekta Kapoor Announces The Name And Arrival Of Her Child Through IVF Surrogacy After 7 Years Of Trial


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Ekta Kapoor Announces The Name And Arrival Of Her Child Through IVF Surrogacy After 7 Years Of Trial

The queen of soap operas in India, Ekta Kapoor is not just a name rather a revolution who gave the middle-class wives so many stories to enjoy. She has been ruling the television industry ever since. While her professional life was going great, her personal life wasn’t a bed of roses. As the producer was fighting to become a mother for the past 7 years but looks like her prayers have finally been answered. (Recommend Read: Taimur Ali Khan Turns Into An 'Airplane' For Abba, Saif Ali Khan, Enjoys Their Father-Son Playdate)

Ekta became a proud mother of a baby boy on January 27, 2019, through surrogacy. And, on January 31, 2019, Ekta took to her Instagram account to announce the arrival of her baby. She posted a picture of her heartfelt journey and revealed the name of her baby in the caption that reads, “Pls send ur love and blessings for lil ravie. ! JAI MATA DI JAI BALAJI”. Take a look at the pictures below:

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, Ekta had a son via a surrogate mother, and revealed, “The 43-year-old has had a son via a surrogate; the child was born on January 27. The baby is healthy and will be home soon”. (Also Read: Avinash Sachdev Is Apparently Dating Palak Of 'Dil Hi Toh Hai' Fame After Divorcing Shalmalee (Pics))

Earlier, in an interview, Ekta had revealed how her life has changed after the arrival of her nephew, Laksshya Kapoor. She had said, “My life has changed.” And further went on to add, “If there’s anything that’s most important in my life [now], then that’s Laksshya. Every day, he does something new and we all look forward to that. I miss him every time I’m travelling on work. ou know, the lakshya (target) of my life now is to look after Laksshya.”

Ekta Kapoor with her nephew

In another interview, Ekta had talked about that how she wants to be a mother but doesn’t have time for such a commitment. She stated, “My parents want me to but I don’t know if I am ready. I am too busy. So, I have huge respect for women who manage both the home and their work. It’s superb multitasking, kudos to them. At this present moment, I have to take out time for a work-out.  At 1’o clock, I am going for a walk. I need to plan my life first before I plan a child.” (You May Also Like: Anushka Sharma Deeply Values Virat Kohli's Honesty, Says With Him Nothing Is Pretentious)

In the same interview, EKta talked about how magical is the touch of her nephew, and said, “I am a human being who recovered from a lot of pain last year because of my nephew. I had many professional ups and downs last year. Television did very well but films did not and that is very in your face because everyone knows it did not do well. So, it just hits you more. But my nephew would just suck out every bit of tension from me. People, when they used to talk about their children, their eyes would light up. And he is not even my own child, he is my nephew but it is magical. Magic happens when a child comes to a house and as a kid grows, you grow with them and the small things become the big things.”

Ekta Kapoor with her nephew

Ekta had also revealed an interesting detail about one competition that happens in the Kapoor household. She said, “At home in Krishna Bungalow, there's apparently a competition of sorts between the family — granddad Jeetendra and grandmom Shobhaa Kapoor — to see who can make Laksshya laugh the hardest. Basically we all just pick him up turn by turn and see who can make him laugh. He has a really cute laugh. And he's recently learned to play peek-a-boo so if you're playing that with him he will be very happy.” (Don't Miss: Isha Ambani Reveals She And Twin Bro, Akash Are IVF Babies Born 7 Years After Nita-Mukesh's Marriage)

Well, we can't wait to see a happy picture of Ekta with her bundle of joy!

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