Absurdly Easy Ways To Beat 7 Common Food Excuses That Make You Fat


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Absurdly Easy Ways To Beat 7 Common Food Excuses That Make You Fat

Behind every intention to lose weight or eat right, there always lurks an excuse. But, not anymore. From lazy people's guide to lose weight to busting health myths, we have given you effective tips on how to lose weight. This time, it is about banishing all your food excuses that are making you fat. It is time to get over the setbacks that are standing in the way of you achieving a perfect body. Here you go:

Excuse #1

Low-fat cooking takes away the joy from enjoying meals.


Learn to be creative when you prepare your meals. Firstly don't think of low-fat cooking as a task or a complusion. You have to enjoy what your are cooking to relish. Low-fat cooking can be enjoyable if you apply little wit, and make the food taste and look good.

For instance:


  • Bake, steam, grill or stir-fry foods instead of deep-frying them.
  • Add herbs (basil, oregano, mint leaves) and spices (pepper, chili, garlic) to the dishes.
  • Go easy on butter, oils and cream-based sauces.
  • Trim off the skin and fat from the meat, so that it becomes more nutritious and heart-healthy.

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Excuse #2

Food helps to deal with stress.


Most people often consume food to deal with stress and depression. But you need to realise that there are smarter and healthier ways of comforting yourself. Eating mindlessly will only add to stress because you then get into a habit of consuming unnecessary calories.

Here is what you must do:

  • Identify events and emotions that are most likely to prompt you to use food as a comforter.
  • Once you recognise these, find other ways to deal with stress.
  • Write a list of distracting activities - you could instead choose to meet a friend, read a book, hear music, exercise, do shopping, soak in a bubble bath or watch your favourite film.
  • Plan in advance what to do and decide how to beat the blues successfully without adding extra calories.

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Excuse #3

Eating at restaurants means putting on weight.


When you eat out, make special requests to get what you want. ​Learn to strategise and opt for lighter foods, so that your outings can be enjoyable minus adding extra calories.

For example, you can request for:

  • Baked potatoes instead of French fries
  • Honey and lemon dressing instead of mayonnaise
  • Mustard instead of butter
  • Salsa instead of creamy sauces
  • Tandoori food instead of rich gravy dishes
  • Roti instead of buttery naan
  • Low-fat cottage cheese instead of regular cheese
  • Red-sauce pasta instead of white.

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Excuse #4

It is impossible to plan for hunger pangs in advance.


Sudden, overpowering hunger is one of the surest ways to eat more than what you need. When food craving grips, you tend to make a dash for the fridge or eat whatever you find accessible. More often than not, you end up eating things you regret, a piece of cake, cheese, chips or chocolate.

Avoid giving in to temptation by planning ahead:

  • Keep some ready-to-eat foods such as fruits, cut vegetables, and nuts handy.
  • You can also make some snacks like sprouts, a brown-bread sandwich or roasted savouries ready.
  • Just make sure they are accessible when you need them.

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Excuse #5 

It is difficult to differentiate between food cravings and appetite.


Our bodies are equipped with a highly-refined guidance system: the appetite. Dietary whims and cravings are normally a function of a desire. Learn to separate “correct” information of a need for food, from the “disrupting” desire for food cravings.

For example:

  • An aromatic, attractively presented dish stimulates the senses and there is likelihood of overindulgence with it.
  • Enjoy your food, but learn to stop when you have eaten enough.
  • The easiest way to find distinguish between craving and appetite is to wait a while before you eat.
  • Give it 20 minutes, if you are still hungry your body needs the food, if it is only a craving the urge to eat passes.

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Excuse #6

Practicing control over portions is hard.


You need to learn to exercise control over the quantity of food you consume. And, here is how:

  • Serve yourself small portions of food; you can always fill more later on. 
  • Get out of the habit of serving large portions and then overeating. 
  • Also, resist the compulsion to “clean the entire dish”. 
  • If you are worried about wasting food, distribute the leftovers or refrigerate it for the next day.

Excuse #7

Shopping at the supermarket means buying goodies that are hard to resist.


The surest way of sticking to your food plan or diet is to buy just what you need and nothing extra. 

Here is how:

  • Make a list of your requirements, so that you are better organised when you shop for food. 
  • If you are likely to get tempted by the goodies available, make sure you eat before you go to the supermarket.

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So, now no more excuses if you truly wish to lose weight and stay healthy, and this should be your new fitness mantra!

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