When Divya Bharti's Mother Revealed Her Daughter Entered Into Bollywood To Get Rid Of Her Academics

Late iconic actress, Divya Bharti's mother, Meeta Bharti, had once revealed that her daughter had entered into the film industry just to get rid of her studies. Details inside!


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When Divya Bharti's Mother Revealed Her Daughter Entered Into Bollywood To Get Rid Of Her Academics

Late iconic actress, Divya Om Prakash Bharti, popularly known by her stage name, Divya Bharti, swept the entire nation with her innocent looks and stunning face in a short film career spanning just 3 years. The actress had passed away on April 5, 1993, at the tender age of 19, by accidentally falling off from the fifth floor of her apartment. The news of her sudden demise had shocked the entire nation and had given rise to multiple conspiracy theories that are unsolved even to this very day.

After Divya Bharti's death, her husband, Sajid Nadiadwala, was completely distraught and had lived many years in immense pain and loneliness. Divya's demise left a huge void in Indian cinema. However, it's quite surprising and unknown to many people that Divya entered the film industry to escape from her academics. Yes! You read it right, and once in an interview, her parents had opened up about it.

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Divya Bharti

Once in a joint interview with Bollywood Hungama, late actress, Divya Bharti's father, Om Prakash Bharti, and Meeta Bharti had opened up about their daughter's acting career and her married life with her husband, Sajid Nadiadwala. When Meeta Bharti was asked to reveal why her daughter, Divya wanted to be an actress, the doting mother had given a surprising answer. She had told that Divya was never good in academics, which was one of the prime reasons she had decided to enter the film industry. Meeta had also added that her daughter was 'zero in studies' and had explained:

"One day she asked me, 'Mom, if I sign films, what will happen to my studies'? I told her, 'You will need to stop studying if you decide to pursue films'. She was zero in studies. She would barely score anything. She said, 'I don't need to study anymore? Then please tell dad that I want to work in films."

Divya Bharti

Going further in the interview, late Divya Bharti's mother, Meeta Bharti, had also recalled her first film project and had shared how a producer used to visit them every day. Recalling how he had influenced Divya to enter into the showbiz, Meeta had added that he sat in their house for hours convincing her daughter to sign a film with him. The producer had promised Divya that the shooting would be complete in just three months, but she wouldn't continue her studies during that time. After some discussion between Divya and her mother, Meeta, the two had agreed and what followed were a series of film offers. She had stated:

"She was getting offers. There was a producer in the building next to ours. His manager would come to our house every day and sit for hours. He pleaded with Divya to sign a film with them, and promised that all the work would be complete in three months."

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Divya Bharti

In the same interview, Divya Bharti's father, Om Prakash Bharti, had talked about her daughter's married life with her husband and famous producer, Sajid Nadiadwala. The doting father had recalled how Divya used to visit the market with her children without carrying any money. Instead, she would always ask the shopkeepers to take the money from her husband. Reflecting on her daughter's simplicity, Om Prakash Bharti had said:

"She would take the children to the market, and would buy them stuff. She never carried any money with her. So she would ask the shopkeeper to take the money from Sajid."

Divya Bharti

After Divya Bharti's demise in 1993, her husband, Sajid Nadiadwala, had found love again in Warda Khan, a journalist. Sajid and Warda had got married on November 18, 2000.

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