'Ramayan' Fame Dipika Chikhlia Shares Picture-Perfect Family Portrait With Her Husband And Daughters

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala posted a picture perfect family moment of the Topiwalas with her hubby, Hemant Topiwala and daughters, Nidhi Topiwala and Juhi Topiwala in the frame.


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'Ramayan' Fame Dipika Chikhlia Shares Picture-Perfect Family Portrait With Her Husband And Daughters

As we grow older and move on in our respective lives, we realise the importance of family and the time spent away from them makes us value and cherish the relationship we share with our parents and siblings. Realisation comes with maturity and nostalgia hits us hard when we reminisce the moments spent with our family. Lockdown 2020 has made us value the importance of relationships and family, and we are making the most of this time also by digging out some memories from our archives. (Also Read: Telugu Star Nithiin Reddy Ties The Knot With Fiancee Shalini Kandukuri, Inside Pictures From Wedding)

Post revisiting her dating and wedding phase on social media and sharing the story for the very first time with her fans, Ramayan fame, Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala has been delighting her Insta-fam with some unseen pictures from her family archives. Dipika had tied the knot in 1991 with Hemant Topiwala, owner of Shingar Bindi and Tips and Toes cosmetics. Dipika and Hemant are blessed with two daughters, Nidhi Topiwala and Juhi Topiwala. Before we give a recap of her wedding story with Hemant, let's show you a frame-worthy family picture of the Topiwalas.

Dipika Chikhlia

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala posted a picture perfect family moment of the Topiwalas with her hubby, Hemant Topiwala and daughters, Nidhi Topiwala and Juhi Topiwala in the frame. Dipika captioned the post as "Nothing works as love ...love from family ,friends ...it makes you happy ,keeps you protected you bask in presence of there love and attention, you are looked after emotionally mentally spiritually... living with your family is a very fulfilling experience... cherish your moments khatta meetha tikha... all kinds of experience happen... but enjoy." Dipika and her daughters, Nidhi and Juhi looked graceful in sarees and her husband was all-smiles posing with the beautiful ladies of the house.

Dipika Chikhlia, Hemant Topiwala, Nidhi Topiwala and Juhi Topiwala

In a series of IG posts, Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala had shared snippets of her love story with Hemant Topiwala, including how they had met, when they had decided to be each other’s forever and their honeymoon diaries. Initially, Dipika had posted a picture from her varmala ceremony on Instagram and had revealed that she’ll be sharing the story of how she met her husband on the social media platform. Dipika had captioned the picture as "Just wondering do you ever want to know how I met my husband #husband #wife #marraige #live #faith #trust #love #life #bind #actor #actress #beautiful-life #happiness #god #blessings." (Also Read: Rana Daggubati Announces His Wedding Date With Miheeka Bajaj, Says, 'He Is Excited for The Big Day')

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala and Hemant Topiwala

Dipika Chikhlia and Hemant Topiwala had first met on the sets of her very first movie, Sun Meri Laila. Elaborating on the details, Dipika had shared, "All of you know how sita met ram I thought to let you in on a secret as to how I met my Real life Ram . ..my husband's family has been manufacturing and selling traditional Indian cosmetics under the name of Shingar since 1961....my very first movie that I did was Sun Meri Laila and in the film there was a scene where I model for an ad film and that ad film was for Shingar Kajal....when we were shooting for the ad scene, Hemant came on the set to watch the shoot....that's when we first met... After that we both got busy with our lives but we both were on each other's mind till we finally met again...to be contd... #marraige #bond #actor #movie #1st #faith #trustbeive."

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala had then posted a glimpse of the ad shoot of Hemant Topiwala’s brand, Shingar and had written along with it, "This was the add shot for his brand ,product was kaajal ...still making kaajal and bindi ,kumkum ....so wat happened on sets.. ...to continue." Finally, concluding the details of their love story with a picture from their saat pheras and revealing how it took only 2 hours for them to decide that they are meant for each other, Dipika had written, "So my insta family ... the story goes on ....we chatted on the sets bout our carriers , that was the same time he started attending his fathers office along side with his studies ...years later he saw me at a parlour near my home. He later told me I was always playing up on his mind all through those years. Finally through a family friend we met up on 28th april 1991 and it so happened that we spend 2hrs chatting up and instantly made up our minds and both of us went back home and announced we found our life partner ...we did a small ceremony on my birthday 29th april (goldhana or roka )later the same year we got married. Rest is history."

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala and Hemant Topiwala

In her continuation post, Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala had revealed how her Gujarati businessman husband, Hemant Topiwala had fulfilled his wife’s wish of going to Switzerland on their honeymoon. Sharing a picture from their honeymoon, Dipika had written, “I, continue... this is a picture from my holiday after the wedding (honeymoon), we had taken a trip to Switzerland... He had asked me were for you want to travel after the wedding, I did not take even a minute to tell him... it’s Switzerland .. I always thought and felt it’s land of dreams coming true ...I knew I wanted snow ...so after 2 days of wedding and reception which was on the following day, we flew to Delhi. I had to attend parliament for a day and from there we flew to Switzerland..did a lot of cities ..Zurich, Zermatt, St Morris Geneva Interlaken ... cannot remember which city we took this pic from mostly, I think it’s St Moritz. It’s a known for ski Ing ..people come from all over the world for that sport out there, flew back, stopped over for a couple of days in London and then back home to start a new life ... life continues ...I continue ....time flies ...while we making memories time stops for no one #love#life#marraige #lovehappens #time#honeymoon #honeymoondestination #Family #Home #Children #instagram.” (Also Read: Mira Rajput Kapoor's Advice With Her Unseen Just-Before-The-Wedding Moment Is For Every Bride-To-Be)

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala and Hemant Topiwala

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