From Korial, Baluchari To Tussar, 7 Different Types Of Bengali Sarees To Wear For Durga Puja


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From Korial, Baluchari To Tussar, 7 Different Types Of Bengali Sarees To Wear For Durga Puja

No matter how modern or westernised our country becomes, there is nothing more beautiful or more appealing than a traditional Indian saree. Indian clothing has always been labeled as elegant, demure and graceful. And, rightfully so! With the rich and varied culture of our country, we have dozens of different sarees and even more ways to drape them. South Indians tend to don Kanjeevarams while the paithani saree is famous among Maharashtrians.

Needless to say, every saree style within our country is simply gorgeous. But one of the most sought after sarees in India are the ethnic and attractive sarees of Bengal. Scroll on to read all about the different types of Bengali sarees!

#1. Korial 

durga puja

The Korial saree is the most famous Bengali saree. It is a crisp white saree with a red border. Married women generally wear this simple and timeless saree, especially during the Durga Puja celebrations. It is usually paired with a big red bindi and hair that is tied up in a casual bun. The entire look is effortless and yet, stunning.

#2. Garad

garad saree

Garad is quite similar to the Korial saree. If you are not a Bengali, you will probably not understand the difference! Garad sarees are also white in colour, with a red border. However, unlike the Korial, this saree has a lighter red border and is scattered with flower-shaped symbols and other motifs that give it an appealing and feminine look.

#3. Taant

taant sarees

The Taant saree comes from a similar family as the other two mentioned above. Also red and white, the discerning feature of this saree is that it is crisp and stiff, unlike the other two which are more flowing. The Taant is guaranteed to be a part of every Bengali woman’s wardrobe.

This white and red saree is said to represent the colours of the Goddess Durga and hence, it is worn mostly during the Durga Puja festival.               

#4. Murshidabad Silk

murshidabad sarees

Silk sarees are not only famous and readily available in the southern part of India. West Bengal also has a plethora of silk sarees that are just lovely. The most famous of these are the Murshidabad silk sarees. These light and airy sarees are printed in pleasing and colourful designs, including the batik print style. They make for an ideal choice from casual get-togethers to bigger functions.

#5. Dhakai Jamdani

Before the partition, these sarees were made in Dhaka. However, they are extremely famous in the state of Bengal even today. ‘Jamdani’ here refers to the typical style of print or design that you can see on this saree. It is generally transparent and woven with a mixture of silk and cotton. The Dhakai Jamdani is a favourite among Bengalis and is always worn to highbrow events and glamorous parties.

#6. Baluchari

baluchari sarees

These sarees originated from the village Baluchar, in Murshidabad. These are silk sarees, made of Tussar or pure silk. What’s more, they look super stylish, always. Generally, Baluchari sarees portray scenes and little snippets from Indian mythology, including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Due to this, women who wear this saree refrain from pleating the pallu, because that would completely ruin the look!

#7. Tussar


Tussar is produced in several places, but on a large scale in West Bengal. Tussar silk sarees make for a really pretty picture. Typically, the patta and the buti style of this saree is famous among Bengali women. Also, the kantha stitch work is most often seen on Tussar silk sarees.

So, there you go, ladies! These are the 7 different types of beautiful sarees from West Bengal. From the graceful to the aristocratic, this state has them all. Let us know which one is your favourite, in the comments below.

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