Did Song Hye Kyo And Son Ye Jin's Friendship Crumble After The Latter Married Hyun Bin? Deets Inside

Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin are the most prominent names in South Korean showbiz. Reports are rife that the two broke their friendship because Ye Jin married Hyun Bin. What's the truth behind this?


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Did Song Hye Kyo And Son Ye Jin's Friendship Crumble After The Latter Married Hyun Bin? Deets Inside

Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin are undeniably the most popular actresses in South Korean showbiz. The two have been spreading the magic of their impeccable acting for over two decades. While Song Hye Kyo’s 2016 K-drama, Descendents Of The Sun gave her immense popularity, and her character, 'Kang Mo Yeon' became an instant fan favourite. On the other hand, Son Ye Jin’s role as ‘Yoon Se Ri’ in the 2019 K-drama, Crash Landing On You received much love from the audience. And did you know the 41-year-olds were once good ol’ friends?

Yes, the A-list celebrities, Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin used to be known for their strong bond, per a Kbizoom report. But it seems that the foundation of their friendship shook up when Son Ye Jin decided to tie the knot with actor, Hyun Bin. The OG trio is not seen together nowadays, and this has fuelled speculations about a broken friendship. But is it really true? Check out what’s the reality behind the rumours.

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Song Hye Kyo once dated Hyun Bin, the present husband of Son Ye Jin

Well, you guys might already know that Song Hye Kyo once dated the handsome hunk, Hyun Bin back in the 2000s. They were together before Hyun enlisted for his compulsory military training. The duo broke up in 2011. Eventually, they moved on with other individuals. Song Hye Kyo found a temporary home for her heart in her DOTS co-star, Song Joong Ki. The duo was reportedly in a relationship for two years before getting married in 2017. But unfortunately, it could not last long, and they ended up parting ways in 2019.

According to several reports, after her tumultuous married life and subsequent divorce, Song Hye Kyo was rumoured to be in a relationship with Hyun Bin. But her agency reports denied any such rumours and called them baseless and false.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin confirmed their relationship while Song Hye Kyo was going through a tough time after her divorce

While Song Hye Kyo was going through a hard time after her split and all the malicious rumours every now and then, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin confirmed their relationship in 2021 and got married the following year. They welcomed a baby boy in 2022. After this, it is quite rare to see Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin spending time together in public. Meanwhile, Gong Hyo Jin seems to have more interactions and hangouts with Ye Jin than with Song Hye Kyo, leading to rumours of an unstable friendship.

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Song Hye Kyo dispelled rumours about her broken friendship at an awards show

But at the recent 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards, Song Hye Kyo finally put to rest any rumours surrounding her personal life. Upon receiving the prestigious 'Daesang Award', the leading actress of The Glory was embraced in a congratulatory hug by Gong Hyo Jin. The hearty embrace between the two effectively dispelled the rumours about Song Hye Kyo's broken friendship.

Furthermore, Song Hye Kyo once admired Son Ye Jin for her acting prowess and showed interest in working with her. And it may come as a surprise to many, but she has been supportive of Song Joong Ki's relationship with Katy Louise Saunders, demonstrating that she is content with her single life and harbours no jealousy or drama.

While we are not definite if Song Hye Kyo has a rife with the two, Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin. But it would be great to see the trio hang out together again. Let us know your thoughts on their friendship.

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