Deepika Padukone And Amrita Rao Are Relatives, This Is How The Konkani Beauties Are Connected

Weddings are the best place for new relationships to blossom, and it is one such celebration which made Deepika Padukone and Amrita Rao get connected as relatives!


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Deepika Padukone And Amrita Rao Are Relatives, This Is How The Konkani Beauties Are Connected

The Hindi film industry is one of the oldest places of work in the country. Therefore, it is fascinating to trace the prestigious families, both new and old, that have become a part of setting the very founding stone of the successfully running industry to date. Not just through work on-camera, people in Bollywood are also connected through interpersonal relationships, which form through friendships and marriages. While the fans know many of these long-hereditary families and relations, they also get intrigued to know about those undiscovered. One such relationship rarely known to many is between Deepika Padukone and Amrita Rao.

How are Deepika Padukone and Amrita Rao related?

Well, for those wondering the roots of this fantastic relationship between the two gorgeous beauties, it all began in the year 2019, when Deepika Padukone was spotted attending the lavish Konkani wedding of her cousin brother in Mumbai. And interestingly, it is none other than Amrita Rao’s cousin sister that Deepika’s brother got married to. Well, indeed, it led to the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship between Deepika and Amrita, as they were not only spotted embracing each other but also posing for a gala picture along with their husbands, Ranveer Singh and RJ Anmol, respectively.

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deepika amrita

deepika amrita

Deepika Padukone and Amrita Rao's Bollywood careers

One of the most bankable actors of her generation, Deepika Padukone, needs no introduction. From her sizzling looks, powerful acting mettle and much-loved personal life, she hits the headlines now and then. On the other hand, Amrita Rao is one of Bollywood's most-loved actors of the early 2000s decade and has mesmerised her fans with her sweet personality and terrific acting chops. In their personal lives, while Deepika is married to Ranveer Singh, Amrita found her love match in famous radio jockey, Anmol Sood, famously known as RJ Anmol. The couple is also blessed with their 3-year-old son, Veer. While these two Konkani beauties have traced entirely different successful career paths for themselves in Bollywood, it is a lesser-known truth that both Deepika and Amrita are related to one another.

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amrita rao deepika padukone

When Deepika-Ranveer showered their love and support on Amrita-RJ Anmol for their newly released book

While Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are often referred to be one of the power couples of Bollywood, on the other hand, Amrita Rao and her hubby, RJ Anmol, can be safely termed as one of the cutest couples in Bollywood. Recently, Deepika and Ranveer were spotted enjoying a cute moment with Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol as they showered their love and support and unveiled the latter’s newly released book, Couple Of Things. More as the best of friends than relatives, the four of them even came together for an adorable photograph. Needless to say, the picture melted our hearts in a split second.

book launch

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