7 Cost-Effective Home Decor Secrets That Will Brighten Your Home Instantly


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7 Cost-Effective Home Decor Secrets That Will Brighten Your Home Instantly

Your home defines your existence. It is an extension of your personality, and you always strive to make it look better. This constant upgrading requires implementing different ideas, which can often burn a hole in your pocket. Especially, if you are somebody who has scrimped and saved to finally buy a house of your dreams, then you would probably be finding ways to save on any further decoration upgrades. But, that might be a constant struggle if you love to give a new look to your space from time to time.

To save you from all hassles and to help you avoid spending a fortune to make your home look prettier, we have some tips that probably no one ever told you about. Read on to know some fun ideas.

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#1. Go for multipurpose furniture to hide clutter

Go for ottomans or movable sofa cubes that have plenty of storage space inside. This will help in hiding unused CDs, kids’ toys and other small items, while maintaining the beauty of the place.

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#2. Experiment with fake architectural details

You can be the interior designer of your home, and you can do this in a myriad of ways. For example, painting horizontal or vertical lines on the walls will make your room look bigger and interesting too. If you have an artsy instinct in you, then with the help of mouldings used as wall art, you can give an illusion of depth and dimension to your wall.

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#3. Forget expensive wallpapers

How about adding an heirloom quilt on your wall, to give a vintage feel to it? To get a more professional look, add wall stickers and decals, and stay away from the fuss of hanging paintings.

#4. Give a board makeover

Take an old chalkboard or a soft board and give your own spin to it by adding chunky broad borders. Paint the frame or stick some nice fabric on it. Use this in your lobby or passageway as a to-do list maker and see all your guests go ga-ga over this unique idea.

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#5. Trust the mirror effect

This is how you can add an inexpensive and interesting new twist to your decor. In a corner of the room, hang three rectangular mirrors side by side, separated with maximum five inches of space and see an amazing effect when light is reflected in that space. Try it and see the amazing new look your room gets.

#6. Bring the outsides in

Having natural items in your home is always stylish. Make your indoors breathe with colours, texture and richness by getting elements such as jute, hemp, wood and potted plants in your home. Not only do these items look sophisticated, they are also durable, inexpensive and eco-friendly.

#7. Make your personal coffee space

When you and your partner are home from a busy day, or when you have close friends over for a chat, all you want to do is sit comfortably sipping tea or coffee. So, why not have a stylish corner by the window only for this? Have a couple of ottomans with a little teapoy, or a low settee with lots of cushions or a bean bag. In fact you can do this with any existing furniture that you have. Place it on a nice rug and voila! You have an elegantly done coffee space, without spending a bomb.

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It is all about having fun in your home. It is your most priced possession, so while you take our advice, listen to your heart too and you will never go wrong.

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