Chhavi Mittal Shares A List Of Things She Will Do Post Delivering Her Baby, It Is So Adorable

Chhavi Mittal took to Instagram and posted a beautiful picture of herself, adoring her baby bump. The second time mommy-to-be also shared the many things that she would do once the baby arrives.


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Chhavi Mittal Shares A List Of Things She Will Do Post Delivering Her Baby, It Is So Adorable

Never has anyone loved a bumpy tummy so much but for the pregnancy phase! Out of the innumerous points, one of the most unique superpower of a woman is the ability to nurture a life inside her and give birth. A woman’s body, lifestyle changes during her pregnancy phase, and it is great to keep a tab on all the beautiful changes that your body undergoes during this period. And now beautifully, S.I.T. co-founder, Chhavi Mittal shares her pregnancy diaries with her followers through encouraging posts and messages. (Do Read: Sreesanth Returns To The Cricket Field, Shares A Cute Video With His Daughter From Practice)

On March 25, 2019, Chhavi Mittal took to Instagram and shared a picture of herself doing light exercise and penned her thoughts in the caption. Sharing the picture, the second time mommy-to-be wrote, “Life is not all fun and frolic. There are ups and downs, highs & lows, happiness and sorrows... But what would ups mean if we didn't know the downs, how would we recognise happiness if we hadn't experienced sorrow... “

Chhavi Mittal doing exercise

Chhavi Mittal’s post could further be read as, “Can there be joy, if we didn't know the difference between joy and tears? We wouldn't learn how to dare if we hadn't felt fear. So I attach the most importance to failures, coz without them, I wouldn't know what success is. As I near the D-day for the baby to come, I get ready for the joys, the sorrows, the fears, the daring, the failures, the success... Coz there is no right way to bring up a baby... Every day is a learning curve... #happilypregnant”. (Also Checkout: Pregnancy Fashion: Take Tips From These Celebrity Divas To Look Stylish During Pregnancy)

Chhavi Mittal

It was just minutes back when Chhavi Mittal took to Instagram and posted a beautiful picture of herself, adoring her baby bump. In the caption, the Ek Chutki Aasman actress shared the many things that she would do once the baby arrives. The same could be read as, “There are so many things that I'm looking forward to once I deliver. The one that tops my list is sneezing comfortably! Then there's laughing .. laughing so me and my tummy don't laugh like two separate entities. Phew! Then of course there's sleeping on my stomach and my back! Although I wonder if sleep will get better or will I be facing new problems in that department. Then there's drinking coffee the way I like it, not weak! Oh ya, and there's proper gymming I totally look forward to.. let's see what else..” (Must Read: Sara Khan Talks About Embracing Motherhood, Her Wedding Plans And Rumoured BF, Ankit Gera)

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal’s post could be further read as, “Oh normal looking unswollen feet! So I can fit into my sleek footwear again and don't have to wear rubber chappals pretty much everywhere. The things that I will miss though are also many...The topmost is the dance that my tummy does when the baby summersaults inside it. Also the attention and pampering from the people around me! And did I mention I can get away with almost anything? And the eating all I want feeling! But you know, after all the discomfort and aches and pains, I most I look forward to is the little bundle of cuteness in my arms! New struggles will begin, but in the end it'll all be worth it. Whatsay mamas? #pregnancy.”

Chhavi Mittal

On March 27, 2019, Chhavi Mittal took to Instagram and revealed her pregnancy cravings, which we bet all mommies-to-be will relate to! The actress’s post could be read as, “The amount of deep fried snacks that I gorged on today on sets is equivalent to the total amount of deep fried I've eaten in the whole year gone by! So much for pregnancy taste buds. Sometimes my biggest fear after the delivery is, how will I be able to eat all that I want and be able to still look cute! Well the cuteness requirement will be fulfilled by the baby, but I really hope the will power that I pride myself on kicks back sooner than later! #pregnancycravings.” (Also checkout: 5 Things Every Soon-To-Be Mom Should Know About 'Pregnancy Glow')

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal is due in May 2019 and in an exclusive chat with us, she shared some invaluable thoughts about parenting and stated, “Well, parenting is not something that is planned. You have to be very open, flexible as a parent, you cannot be rigid that is one thing I have learnt as a parent to my first child. One thing that Mohit and I both agree with is that we should let our kids be as close to nature as possible and as away from the plastic thing and the digital things, malls and play areas and fancy things. And we would like to at least try to make our kid as grounded as possible."

Chhavi Mittal shares 5 myths around pregnancy

Chhavi Mittal also shared some sigh-off advice for all pregnant mommies, “My only advice is that just stay happy, try to eat right. Don't eat junk because whatever you are eating, your child is getting nutrition from that. So, just be happy, try to be just as active in your daily chores if you cannot workout for your and baby's health and try to eat as healthy as possible." (Also Read: How To Get Your Body Back In Shape After Pregnancy)

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Chhavi Mittal, we can’t wait to see a complete family picture of the ‘awesome foursome’ sometime very soon! How about you, guys?

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