'BTS To Go A Long Way', Popular Choreographer Revealed Endearing Gesture That Sets The Group Apart

BTS is among the most loved and popular names in the global music industry. A popular choreographer once revealed that he thinks BTS will remain for long time in the industry. Know why.


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'BTS To Go A Long Way', Popular Choreographer Revealed Endearing Gesture That Sets The Group Apart

Bangtan Sonyeondan, aka BTS, started their journey in the K-pop industry in 2013. After a decade, the septet is one of the most popular and loved names in the global music industry. Even when the group is on hiatus due to their compulsory military enlistment, they continue to rule the hearts of millions with their soulful, upbeat and peppy music.

However, the South Korean boy band, BTS, is not only popular for their music and dance but, also kind behaviour. Time and again, several celebrities have come forward and appreciated BTS’s down-to-earth nature and generosity towards their staff. Choi Young Jun, a popular choreographer from South Korea, once revealed why he thinks that the seven boys would remain in the industry for the longest time.

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Choi Young Jun is a popular choreographer in the K-pop industry

Choi Young Jun had a humble beginning, he used to work as a backup dancer and DJ before he got his big break. The popular first-generation K-pop boy band, Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo, invited Choi Young to assist the group with their choreography and further introduced him to several other known personalities in the Korean pop industry. Thus, Choi Young rose to prominence and has now worked with several renowned K-pop groups such as EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, RED VELVET, and more.

Choi Young Jun revealed why BTS will remain in the industry for a long time

Choi Young Jun did an interview with Korea Now in October 2023 and revealed why he thinks that Bangtan Boys will remain in the industry for a long time. He said that there's a saying within the industry, “If an artist is good to their staff, the artist will go a long way.” After working in the industry for over a decade, Choi Young Jun shared that he “gets a feeling as to how well the artist will do,” and he knew BTS would do well as soon as he met them. He said:

“The saying about going a long way if you’re good to your staff is because when you’re good to them they do their very best, which is reflected in the outcome.” 

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Choi Young Jun shared an anecdote that exemplified the kindness of BTS 

Before co-choreographing for BTS, Choi Young also worked as a backup dancer for the group. During the interview, the host, Bella Kim asked the choreographer to share some memorable experiences with BTS. To which he recalled a heartwarming story that highlighted the group's hard work. Choi Young Jun shared an anecdote that exemplified the kindness and consideration of one BTS member during an arduous dance practice. As the entire team was exhausted, one member of the boy band quickly fetched a water bottle.

Choi Young Jun initially assumed that the member intended to quench his own thirst, but he was pleasantly surprised when the bottle was offered to him instead. He insisted that the BTS member should drink first, as he could only imagine how physically taxing the practice had been for the group. However, that member insisted that Choi Young should have the water first and exemplified the group's genuine concern for others.

Only after Choi Young Jun took a drink did the BTS member finally accept the bottle, ensuring that other members of the dance team had their needs met first. The host then inquired Choi Young Jun about the identity of the BTS member behind this heartwarming gesture. Choi Young Jun revealed that it was none other than BTS's J-Hope, aka Jung Hoseok.

Share your thoughts on the kind and down-to-earth nature of BTS.

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