This Bride's Wedding Toast To Her Husband Had An Unexpected Twist


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This Bride's Wedding Toast To Her Husband Had An Unexpected Twist

Anyone who has witnessed a Christian wedding will know how mesmerising it looks (read the ethereal setting and the beautiful rituals) and of course, when the bride makes a magnificent entry with her father.

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Technically, yes, it is the bride who is the showstopper and this one is no exception. This one bride who stole the show in the most unexpected way, so much so, that she’s already a star on social media. 

Image / Facebook

Image Courtesy: Facebook

Meet Ina O’Brien and Aiden Dwyer, the bride and the groom. Right after they exchanged their vows and said ‘I Do’, Ina decided to raise a toast to her husband. Nothing too surprising about it, right?

But here comes the fun part. Ina surprised the groom as well as the guests with a kickass rap of Ice Ice Baby with customised lyrics which goes like "he got me ice, ice, baby, now, I'm his wifey, baby!" 

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Here’s a screen grab before we present the foot-tapping and this helluva entertaining video. 

So, the cute part is, Ina had been planning this for months and Aiden had no idea what his pretty bride was up to all this while. Right after Ina was done rapping to glory, Aiden was so proud of her that he decided to share the 3-minutes of happiness with everyone. That is when he uploaded the video on his Facebook wall. 

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Finally, here’s the video. 

Now that you have seen the video, here’s one thing we wanted to share which makes this video very special. We told ya, the rap was replaced by Ina’s own lyrics, but if you hear once again, the lyrics are actually the story of Ina’s and Aiden’s relationship and how they got married. 

That was quite an entertaining bride, what do you guys say? So, who's up for a rap now? 

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