5 Tips For Christian Brides To Choose The Perfect Bouquet For Themselves


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5 Tips For Christian Brides To Choose The Perfect Bouquet For Themselves

The bridal bouquet means a lot to a Christian bride. It is not just an accessory, but is the focal point of the wedding as the bride is supposed to carry it with her throughout the ceremony. As per the old beliefs, it helps to ward off any evil spirits that would be after the bride. All these things make it even more special for the bride. And hence, no bride wants to settle for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to selecting the bouquet for her big day.

So for all our brides-to-be, here are the tips to help them find the perfect bouquet for themselves.

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#1. Wedding dress comes first

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Always choose your bridal dress or wedding gown first, and then start browsing for different types of bridal bouquets. The design and colour of your bouquet will depend on the colour, style and cut of your wedding dress. Also, ensure that you have a photograph of your wedding dress with you when you meet the florist, so that you can select the perfect bridal bouquet.

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#2. Select the shape and size of the bouquet carefully

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The shape and size of your bridal bouquet depends a lot on the work done and cut of your wedding gown. If your wedding dress has intricate embellishments, print or embroidery on it, then opt for a small bouquet. On the other hand, if the design on your wedding dress is not small, then you can opt for a big bridal bouquet. Also, remember that the bridal bouquet should not be bigger than your waist, as this will help accentuate your natural shape during the ceremony.

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#3. Choose flowers that match the wedding dress

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Ensure that the flowers you choose for your bouquet match or go well with the colour of your wedding dress. To make the process a bit easier, you can carry the swatches or photographs of your wedding dress to show it to your florist. This will help him to suggest the perfect flowers for your bouquet. And if your wedding gown is white, then you can match it with the colour of your bridesmaids' dress.

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#4. Ensure that the flowers are available on the D-day

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Before you finalise the flowers for your bouquet, make sure that they are available during your wedding day as well. Some flowers, being seasonal, are not available throughout the year. So when you discuss about the bouquet, ask your florist if they are available during that time of the year.

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#5. Personalise your bridal bouquet

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You can even get some material of your wedding gown and ask your florist to add it in your bridal bouquet. This will give a personal touch to the bouquet. If you have something going around for generations in your family, then you can ask the florist to include it in your bouquet. Do not forget to remove it from the bouquet before you toss it during your wedding. You can also choose the flowers you or your fiancé love the most, and inform the florist to include some in your bridal bouquet. 

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Apart from these, your bridal bouquet should also match the venue decoration. Hence, keep some photographs of the wedding venue decoration with you and show it to the florist so that he can help you choose the perfect bridal bouquet.

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