This Groom Broke His Leg At Bachelor Party, Bride's Lovely Gesture On Wedding Stole Our Heart

They say it is difficult to find a perfect match. However, this bride proved to be the best support ever. Read on to find out more.


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This Groom Broke His Leg At Bachelor Party, Bride's Lovely Gesture On Wedding Stole Our Heart

In India, weddings are not just an occasion to celebrate the union of two souls, but a bond that gets cemented for saat janam. Indian weddings are larger than life celebrations with festivities continuing for a couple of days. From pre-wedding functions to the final D-day, every function looks like a festival. An Indian wedding involves many rituals, which extend over several days but differ from community to community. ( Must Read: This Bride Wore A Green Lehenga With Minimal Makeup On Her Wedding, Looked Her Elegant Best)

Finding a suitable match is one of the most blessed things on earth. It is the most anticipated moment in everyone's life as they eagerly wait to meet their soulmate. We are most alive when we are in love. And the best thing to hold in life is to hold onto each other. There is always some madness in love. This groom took the madness to another level. He broke his leg a few days before his wedding while enjoying his bachelor party. Take a look:

groom broke his leg on bachlors

When you are in love, there is nothing which can stop you from marrying the love of your life. Since the groom broke his leg on his bachelor party, his beautiful bride chose to walk down the aisle with him. That's one lucky pair, who got a remarkable chance to prove the world that they'll stand strong and supportive of each other no matter what surprise life throws at them. He got the best support ever and forever! Everyone wants their wedding to be the most memorable moment of their life. Look at those happy faces and bright smiles:

bride helping groom

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful moments of a couple’s life. A wedding can said to be a ceremony, which allows two souls to open the door of a palace of happiness and enter into it. The auspicious event of a wedding not only brings two souls together forever, but also brings them closer to their families and friends, who join them in the celebrations as the couple begin their new life together. (Do Read: This Bride's Killer Dance Moves On 'Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal' With Her Bridesmaids Goes Viral)


There are weddings and then there are Indian weddings, and it makes a hell lot of a difference when you get to be the part of them. No offence, but Indian weddings are so much cooler and happening than any other wedding you’d be part of in the whole wide world as there is plenty of singing and dancing (all thanks to our Bollywood connection), there are all shades of colours you could possibly name; and then there are celebration and ceremonies that go on and on like forever.

Every Indian wedding reflects the culture of the country, which means, attending a wedding in India is like exploring a part of the country. From traditional food to attires to rituals, you get to savour everything in the Indian wedding extravaganza and it is tonnes of fun because you’d be the guest and will be treated in the most special way.


In the Indian context, the importance and sanctity of the wedding institution can be gauged from the fact that a number of rituals are performed to accomplish it. The regional, religious, cultural and traditional diversity calls in for a variety of customs and rituals being followed in different Indian marriages. Though the feeling and fervour behind all the weddings are the same, yet you will find differences in rituals, ceremonies and traditions in different parts of India. Moreover, marriage is considered a lifetime affair, which is celebrated with joy and utmost happiness. As a result, it becomes an event to be cherished and to make fond memories for the rest of our life. The bride and the groom feel elated as they are treated royally on the occasion. (Suggested Read: This Bride Not Only Rocked A White Lehenga But Also Wore Matching White Kaleeras On Her Wedding)

wedding ceremonies

What do you guys think about the lovely gesture by the bride? Let us know.

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