22 Bridal Hairstyles That Go Perfectly With Your Designer Lehengas, Bubble Braids To Doughnut Buns

If you thought the bun is the only hairdo you could choose for your big day, then let us change your mind. Here we bring you 22 most-hyped hairstyles that go with lehengas and are 'hair' to stay.


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22 Bridal Hairstyles That Go Perfectly With Your Designer Lehengas, Bubble Braids To Doughnut Buns

Starting from Anushka Sharma to Alia Bhatt, many Bollywood celebrities have changed the way we used to look at bridal hairstyles. Your tresses can be tied in a minimal bun or left open, it should be an absolute choice of the dulhan. After selecting the best designer lehenga, trendy jewellery pieces and an outstanding makeup artist, brides still has one major to-do on their list, which is shifting through the apt bridal hairstyles. 

After all, the desire to express one’s whole personality in a single hairstyle is as difficult to do as it is to uplift the mood of a naraz fufaji at Indian weddings. However, the requirements are pretty simple, something timeless and not overworked, minimal yet elegant. A look back at the era’s sophisticated brides is proof enough that the very best version of yourself is waiting on the other side of a romantic braid, gajra-adorned bun or wavy tresses. So, here we bring you 22 hairstyles that go perfectly with lehengas and are ‘hair’ to stay. 

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#1. For the love of flower 




If you wish to play safe on your D-Day, then sport a floral bun. A bun nicely tucked with beautiful flowers can never go wrong. You can match the hues of the roses with that of your lehenga, and can simply create an unforgettable look. Buns are easy to manage in summer, look graceful and also give a sleek look. 

#2. Floral jadas



Floral jadas are an iconic hairstyle of gorgeous South Indian brides. However, you can try it with your lehenga too. You just have to pick the colours of the jadas, that would blend nicely with your wedding attire. It gives you a seem less traditional look, which would make your guests stop and stare. 

#3. Multiple bubble braids


Having long hair is a blessing, and you can amaze everyone at your wedding festivities by opting for this unique bubble braids hairstyle. Especially after celebs like Alia Bhatt, Rhea Kapoor, and Shibani Dandekar’s open hair looks from their marriage went viral, more millennial brides are going for open hairstyles. These multiple bubble hairstyles with a flower hair clip at the top would definitely give you a superb look. 

#4. Flower braids



Not everyone prefers to get loaded with lots of accessories on their hair. And if you’re someone who always looks for minimalistic and elegant ways to look pretty, then this floral hairstyle would be the best choice for you. Flaunting the length of your hair, you can tuck beautiful flowers in your braid for the pre-wedding festivities.

#5. Braided bun



If you wish to keep your long hair tied into a sleek bun, then this hairstyle is just for you. To move away from the regular buns, you can opt for a braided bun which gives your hairstyle a voluminous look. Flowers tucked in a half semi-circle in your bun would be the perfect delight to watch for the guests. 

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#6. The illusionary bun


If you always look for something out of the box, then check out this illusionary bun hairstyle. The bride had tied her hair into a braided bun and wrapped the floral string around it three times. The hairstyle is different from the usual and gives a gorgeous look from behind. 

#7. Half-tie hairstyle




Half-tie hairstyles with crown braids look absolutely gorgeous on brides. Moreover, the edgy braids, hair highlights and lilac flowers gave an edgy look to the dulhaniya’s unique hairstyle. She perfectly sported this open tresses style with a lime green lehenga. 

#8. Voluminous curls


Not all of us are big fans of pin-straight hair. Some of us unapologetically long for curly, fluffy and shiny tresses. We love how the bride styled her grey sequinned lehenga with a half-tie coiffure. She opted for a puff in the front and voluminous curls tied with a bunch of baby’s breath flowers.

#9. Latkan paranda hairdo



The trend of donning latkans in hair has been around for decades, but only recently, the millennial brides have taken fashion to a whole new level. From creating customised latkans with pearls, tassels, and sea shells to matching the accessories’ colours with their lehenga, the bridal vogue has evolved much more than the traditional ones. 

#10. Rose braid



Are you bored of poker-straight hair? Then it would help if you went for this quirky rose braided hairstyle, which would look flawless with any of your round-neckline cholis. The bride wore a black-hued illusion blouse and flaunted a multiple rose braids hairstyle. Otherwise, you can also keep your rose braid hairdo half-tied.

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#11. Sectioned braid



On your wedding festivities, wearing a backless choli would allow you to flaunt your toned figure. And what could be better than drawing people’s attention to your designer lehenga-choli with the help of a sectioned braid? The bride twisted her hair and divided it into three sections using gold accessories. The look is too gorgeous for words. 

#12. Fishtail braid 


What can be better than tying a refreshing jasmine mala in your fishtail braided hairdo? This is the classy way of bringing back the traditional look with a hint of saas in it. We love how the bride kept her hairstyle minimal yet sexy at the same time. 

#13. Triple fishtail




Are you bored of the usual bun? Then give your hairdo a makeover by opting for unique triple fishtail braids. We are delighted to see how the bride played with the colours and wore faux green flowers in her hair which matched the colour of her lehenga. 

#14. Twist and turn



The perfect blend of beachy waves with half-tied hair looks stunning. The bride twisted and turned her edgy hair strands, creating a jaw-dropping look for her big day. 

#15. One-sided braids with open hair



If you’re someone who don't give tied hair a thumbs up and yet want a unique hairdo on your D-Day, then opt for this hairstyle right away. These one-sided braids with loose hair are easy to make and super simple to manage. It will not only let you flaunt your luscious tresses but will also go well with your bib-neckline choli

#16. The gajra look




Women have been using gajra to adorn their hairstyle for ages. It is a widely popular trend in South India, as you would notice every lady tucking gajra in their hair on a daily basis. And if you wish to create a fresh and alluring look for your wedding festivities, then adding a gajra to your bun or messy ponytail is the best idea. 

#17. Swirl for the win




Swirl pattern coiffure is the trendiest thing in bridal fashion history. If you have highlighted steaks, then this swirl pattern hairstyle would be the perfect pick for your reception look. And when you step out, your groom’s eyes would nearly pop out. 

#18. Long wavy tresses with an embellished headband




It’s not necessary for you to feel overburdened by overdoing your hairstyle. You can simply keep your tresses open and opt for soft curls. But don’t forget to elevate your look with an embellished headband. Glamorous makeup, red emerald diamond jewellery and an embellished headband made the bride’s look stand out. 

#19. Sectioned french braids



We will not lie, but french braids are one of the trendiest hairstyles of all time. And if you make your hairstylist do section french braids for you, then it would not be a bad decision either. The bride added a pretty pearl embellished hair clip to grab the attention of her hairstyle. 

#20. Half tied doughnut bun



Try something new and give an edge to your bridal hairstyles. It is time to redefine the same old buns in a trendier way. The bride opted for half tied doughnut bun with cascading curls and looked stunning. 

#21. Side swept loosely braided fishtail




A section of women experiences ponytail headache due to tight braids and a bunch of clips on their head. If you’re one of them, then without a worry, try this side-swept loose fishtail. It is loosely tied, looks fashionable and gives you a striking look at the end. 

#22. Structured waves


The one hairstyle that can guarantee to turn a lot of heads on your D-Day is this structured wavy hairdo. One look at this gorgeous hairstyle will leave you mesmerised. The bride wore a strappy pink choli and enhanced her hairstyle with an artificial floral band. 

These were the 22 most trendy hairstyles which brides of the era are opting for. Which one was your favourite? 

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