Bollywood Awards' Most Awkward Moments: Gowariker's Angry Speech, Vivek's Apology, Alia's Rap, More

Here's a list of some of the most awkward moments in Bollywood award shows. From Filmfare to IIFA and a series of shows where celebs left audiences shocked with their embarrassing acts.


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Bollywood Awards' Most Awkward Moments: Gowariker's Angry Speech, Vivek's Apology, Alia's Rap, More

Filmfare Awards, IIFA Awards, Zee Cine Awards, Stardust Awards, Screen Awards, TOIFA Awards, and Mirchi Music Awards are some of the most popular award shows in the Bollywood industry. Some of these award shows have been in action for some decades now. Every year, cinema enthusiasts excitedly wait for these award ceremonies to see whether their favourite celebrities or films make the cut or not.

Most awkward and embarrassing moments in Bollywood award shows

Apart from the awards, these renowned shows have entertained viewers for years with their comedy acts and electrifying dance performances by renowned celebrities. Bollywood award shows indeed never skip a chance to break the headlines, courtesy of their well-penned scripts.

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However, there have been moments in the past where things got a bit awkward and later on turned into memes on the internet. Thus, today, we will list the most uncomfortable and embarrassing moments we have witnessed as an audience in Bollywood award shows in recent decades. So, without further ado, let's get started!

#1. When Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan joked about Neil Nitin Mukesh's name

The 2009 Filmfare Awards was hosted by two dashing Bollywood khans, Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan. It was a treat for their fans, who loved their chemistry and bromance in Kal Ho Naa Ho, which was released six years before the Filmfare Awards. There's no denying that Saif and Shah Rukh pulled many people's legs that night, and it was Neil Nitin Mukesh, who humbled them with a 'shut up'.

Neil Nitin Mukesh Clarifies Old Controversy On Asking Shah Rukh Khan To 'Shut Up', Says 'He Told Me'

The New York actor, Neil Nitin Mukesh got furious after Shah Rukh made fun of his surname by asking him where his surname was, along with his co-host, Saif Ali Khan. It is still unknown whether the joke about Neil's surname was a joke or a part of the script, but many people found it demeaning towards Neil's father, Nitin Mukesh.

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#2. When Ashutosh Gowariker told Sajid Khan to 'shut up' at the Star Screen Awards

At the 2009 Star Screen Awards, Ashutosh Gowariker received the Best Director Award for his film, Jodhaa Akbar. After thanking his team and the makers of the award show, the critically acclaimed filmmaker lashed out at the host, Sajid Khan, for making fun of the industry in the name of entertainment. Not only this, he also told Sajid to 'shut up' in an extremely stern voice.

When Ashutosh Gowariker didn't stop, Sajid interrupted him, and that was when things got a bit heated, and Sajid lashed back at him. It was an extremely uncomfortable situation, and since then, we have hardly seen Sajid and Ashutosh together in public with the same energy they exhibited before the 2009 Star Screen Awards.

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#3. When Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor dressed in drag at the 2012 Filmfare Awards

In 2012, Bollywood superstars, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor accepted the responsibility of hosting the Filmfare Awards, and they indeed did a fantastic job leaving people in splits. However, there was one segment in the show that a lot of people found quite childish and termed it as' objectification of actresses'.

For the unversed, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir decided to dress in drag and called themselves 'Chiffon Chameli' and 'Leather Lakshami'. Not only this, the awkward performance of the duo on the song, Ooh La La, also hurt the sentiments of the trans community, who found Ranbir and SRK's decision to dress in drag as completely tone-deaf.

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#4. When Vivek Oberoi apologised to Salman Khan with folded hands at the 10th Rajiv Gandhi Awards

It was back in 2007 when the 10th Rajiv Gandhi Award ceremony was held at the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre in Mumbai. Although it was a memorable night for all the winners who took the prestigious trophies home, it also took a major turn in Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi's soured relationship. For the unversed, after finishing his dance performance, Vivek apologised to Salman with folded hands and even grabbed his ears as he bowed in his direction.

It was an embarrassing and extremely awkward sight for Vivek Oberoi's massive fanbase, who always stood up for him. Thus, to see him bowing down to Salman broke their hearts, and what was even sadder for them was the fact that Vivek's father and legendary actor, Suresh Oberoi was also in attendance, and indeed it would've been a painful moment for him too. While Vivek was apologising, Salman Khan could be spotted looking away from the stage with a continuous smirk on his face.

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#5. Kamaal R. Khan threw away the Golden Balti Award and stormed out of the 2011 Zee Gold Awards

Kamaal R. Khan is one of the most controversial celebrities in India. From featuring in the 2008 controversial film, Deshdrohi to leaving audiences annoyed with the way he conducted himself in Bigg Boss 3, it's fair to say that Kamaal is indeed a menacing personality. This is a glimpse of the same everyone witnessed years ago at the 2011 Zee Gold Awards when he was awarded the Golden Balti Award. Although it was a funny gag by Ali Asgar and Suresh Menon, KRK threw the award and even cussed them.

Ali Asgar and Suresh Menon tried their best to calm things down by changing the topic, but the damage was already done. After cussing Ali and Suresh, Kamaal R Khan stood up and stormed off the event show, shocking everyone. However, when things turned sour, Ali and Suresh presented the same award to late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, who accepted it with open arms and cooled things down.

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#6. Alia Bhatt's infamous rap performance of the song, Kar Gayi Chull at the 2017 IIFA Awards

It is a well-known fact that Alia Bhatt is an exceptional actress, but apart from acting, she also has a lot of interest in singing. From singing the song, Samjhawan to Ikk Kudi, she has also given many singing performances at award shows and events. However, in the initial years of her acting career, she gave a singing performance at the 2017 IIFA Awards, which brought her a lot of criticism and trolling.

The stunning actress, Alia Bhatt chose to sing the rap in the song, Kar Gayi Chull, from her own film, Kapoor and Sons. However, when she started singing in the middle of her high-energetic dance performance, it turned out to be a terrible decision. Although it was a rap, Alia couldn't hold on to her breath, which was one of the prime reasons why she sang so badly that many people got the chance to troll her on the internet.

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#7. Salman Khan's awkward verbal spat with Arijit Singh and Mithoon at the 2014 Star Guild Awards

During the 2014 Star Guild Awards, Salman Khan took the responsibility to host the event along with multiple co-hosts. It was a fun night until Arijit Singh and Mithoon were called on the stage for their respective awards. From taking a dig at Arijit's dressing sense, making fun of his song, Tum He Ho to shouting at Mithoon and telling him to get off the stage, Salman was in a completely different mood.

Both incidents shocked the audiences, and even after the completion of the event, reports of Salman Khan reportedly not liking Arijit and Mithoon's giving back to him started doing rounds on the internet. The reports of a possible rift between the actor and the two singers dominated the headlines for years. It was a major controversy then, and many people pointed their fingers at Salman as they found his behaviour to be a bit disrespectful towards Arijit and Mithoon.

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#8. When Feroze Khan said 'I love her' to Sadhana at the 2002 IIFA Awards

The late timeless actress, Sadhana will forever be in our hearts, courtesy of her personality in real life. The sweet and humble actress ruled the silver screens for decades and is still remembered as one of the greatest Indian actresses ever. However, at the 2002 IIFA Awards, when she was bestowed with the Lifetime Achievement Award, late legendary actor, Feroze Khan stood up from his seat and went on the stage to give an impromptu speech.

The veteran actor, Feroze Khan lauded the iconic actress, Sadhana and could be seen placing his arm around her while saying, "I love her". It was an awkward moment for everyone in the crowd as there was complete silence, and even Sadhana looked a bit uncomfortable while being quite close to Feroze Khan.

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According to you, which infamous moment out of all these deserves the 'Most Awkward Moment' award? Let us know.

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