6 Actresses Who Were Trolled For Living Happily After Their Partner's Death, Shehnaaz Gill To Rekha

Here's a list of Bollywood actresses who were trolled by the netizens for living a normal and happy life after losing their partners. Check it out!


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6 Actresses Who Were Trolled For Living Happily After Their Partner's Death, Shehnaaz Gill To Rekha

Love is one of the most important parts of everyone's life. It not only makes life beautiful but also magical. And when we talk about love, how can we not mention Bollywood. Celebrities and their filmy relationships often garnered a lot of public attention. However, there are several love stories in the glamour world too that remained unfinished because of destiny. 

Even after being loved by millions, there are some actresses who are alone in their real life as they have lost their better halves. But, what affected them the most was the trolling and character assassination that they faced for keeping up a brave face in front of the world. Here's a list of actresses who were trolled for being happy after losing their partners.

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#1. Shehnaaz Gill


Shehnaaz Gill is one of the most beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry. She rose to fame with her stint in the television reality show, Bigg Boss 13. During the show, the actress got close to her co-contestant, Sidharth Shukla. She even confessed her love for him on the show. And reportedly, the duo even started dating each other after the show ended. 


However, their beautiful paradise ended when Shehnaaz lost Sidharth to a cardiac arrest on September 2, 2021. After the tragic incident, the actress stayed away from the glamour world for some time. However, she resumed her work after some time. Since then, the actress has been getting trolled for living a normal life and being happy. Her Bigg Boss 13 co-contestant, Asim Riaz had also taken a dig at her for attending a party months after Sidharth's death. However, later he had clarified that he was talking about his friend and not Shehnaaz. 


Shehnaaz has even talked about getting trolled for enjoying her life after Sidharth's untimely death. On Shilpa Shetty's show, Shape of You, the actress revealed that Sidharth wanted her to be always happy, so she would keep laughing and enjoying her life no matter what. Shehnaaz even said she did not need to explain to people how important Sidharth was to her. In her words:

"Why should I tell anyone about my relationship with Sidharth? What was my connection with him? What was my relationship with him? I don’t need to be answerable to anyone. How important he was to me, how important I was to him, that I know. So I don’t have to give any explanation to anyone. Sidharth ne mujhe kabhi nahi bola ki has mat. Sidharth mujhe hamesha haste hue dekhna chahta tha, aur mai hamesha hasungi, aur mai apna kaam jari rakhungi kyunki mujhe bahot aage jaana hai life mein."

#2. Rhea Chakraborty


Bollywood actress, Rhea Chakraborty went through hell after her ex-boyfriend, Sushant Singh Rajput's untimely demise. For the unversed, The M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story actor committed suicide on June 20, 2020. After his untimely demise, his family and people worldwide accused Rhea of killing him. Since then, she has been living a low-profile life.


However, after living a troublesome life for more than a year, Rhea started living a normal life. From attending B-town parties to falling in love again with Seema Sajdeh's brother, Bunty Sajdeh, the actress has been trying her best to move on in her life. However, it seems like people are not ready to let Rhea live a peaceful life, as they keep trolling her for everything she does. 

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#3. Mandira Bedi


Mandira Bedi is one of the popular faces in the entertainment industry. The actress was married to director-producer, Raj Kaushal, and the duo were proud parents of two beautiful kids, Vir and Tara Bedi. However, Mandira's fairytale got broken after she lost her husband, Raj Kaushal, to a heart attack on June 30, 2021. Post her husband's death, Mandira bounced back bravely and returned to normalcy which many people didn't like. She was even trolled for holidaying and enjoying her life with her family and friends after her husband's death. 

#4. Neetu Kapoor


Neetu Kapoor is one the most finest actresses in the Indian film industry. She has worked in some iconic films like Jugjugg Jeeyo, Amar Akbar Anthony, Deewaar, Parwarish, Yaarana, Khel Khel Mein, Rafoo Chakkar, Do Dooni Chaar and many more. Talking about her personal life, the veteran actress was married to the legendary actor, Rishi Kapoor. The couple were even blessed with two kids, Ranbir Kapoor and Ridhima Kapoor Sahni.


After living in marital bliss for 40 years, Rishi Kapoor left for the heavenly abode on April 30, 2020, leaving his wife and kids. After her husband's death, Neetu didn't sit back at home rather, she resumed her work and started living a normal life. However, this didn't get well with the netizens as they trolled the actress for returning to normalcy. 


Neetu is known for her upfront nature, and she rightly talked about getting trolled for living a normal life after Rishi Kapoor's death too. Talking about the same, in an interview with Film Companion, the actress had said people want to see her as a crying widow. Neetu even mentioned that different people deal with their grief differently. The actress also said that she would never forget her husband and he would always be there with her. In her words:

"I block the ones who troll me because you know thode hote hai beech mein ke ‘husband marr gaya, ye enjoy kar rahi hai. They want to see that crying widow type, there is some section of people but I just block them. I say this is the way I want to be, this is the way I will be, this the way I will heal. Koi log ro ro ke heal karte hai, koi log khush ho ke heal karte hai. I can never forget my husband. He will be here with me, with my children, all our lives."

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#5. Rekha


The veteran actress, Rekha rules over millions of her heart for her pleasing personality and amazing acting skills. The diva is loved by millions, but in her real life, she is all alone. From falling in love with the superstar, Amitabh Bachchan to losing her husband, Mukesh Aggarwal to suicide, Rekha's life has always been surrounded by controversies. For the unversed, Rekha was married to a businessman, Mukesh Aggarwal. However, her husband committed suicide on October 2, 1990. After which, Rekha was labelled as a 'vamp' and 'cold-hearted man-eater.' 


However, one thing because of which Rekha often gets trolled is the sindoor in her maang. Even after her husband's death, the actress puts sindoor on her forehead. And netizens find it quite absurd, because of which they mercilessly make demeaning remarks about her.

#6. Meghana Raj

Meghana Raj

South Indian actress, Meghana Raj got married to the man of her dreams, Chiranjeevi Sarja, in April 2018, after dating him for ten years. However, their beautiful paradise ended as Chiranjeevi suffered a sudden heart stroke and left for his heavenly abode on June 7, 2020. At the time of his death, the actress was pregnant with his son, Raayan. Post-Chiranjeevi’s death, Meghana had to deal with a lot of judgements. 

Meghana raj trolled after her husband's death

Meghana Raj Sarja spoke candidly in an interview with Bollywood Bubble about coping with her grief and criticism after her husband's death. She mentioned that she had a different approach to dealing with sadness and that people had their own expectations of how she would handle it. In addition, Meghana admitted that she was embarrassed to laugh aloud for fear of being judged for being joyful following the death of her husband. In her words:

"There have been people who have come up to me and expected me to process it, it’s their expectations of how I should be processing it, and it’s not going to happen like that. Because you know, I don’t think I am genetically like that or biologically made in a certain way to act according to what they think is right. There is a certain way I will want to deal with it. There are times when I wanted to laugh out loud, and I was very scared thinking that people are going to judge me if I laugh loudly. They are going to ask me ‘Oh so, that’s it, done now, over? You’re calm and peaceful.’ Can you imagine that? I was really scared."

It is quite common in our society that women often get targeted for living a normal life after their husband's death, and our B-town divas are not untouched by this. What do you think about these actresses getting trolled for living a happy life post their husband's death? Let us know!

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