Bipasha Basu's Father Gave A Superb Advice To Karan Singh Grover On Handling A Bengali Wife


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Bipasha Basu's Father Gave A Superb Advice To Karan Singh Grover On Handling A Bengali Wife

They are crazy, they are lively, they are mad and they are head-over-heels in love. This ‘Monkey Couple’ is winning hearts with each passing day and there is no doubt about that. We are talking about none other than the one and only ‘Monkey Couple’ in the tinsel town, Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu.

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The lovebirds tied the knot on April 30, 2016, and it was a grand affair in a literal sense. In fact, the couple shared their wedding trailer for the first time on their first wedding anniversary i.e. April 30, 2017. In case you missed it, click here and enjoy!

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Their fans can’t get enough of them and so can’t we! The lovebirds have now given another reason to all of us to rejoice. Well, in a candid interview with the leading entertainment tabloid, the couple shared their love story and a lot more things, which will surely make you adore them even more.

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When Bips (as Bipasha is fondly called by her fans) was asked how her life has changed post-marriage, pat came her reply:

“Life has definitely changed for good post marriage as I have got an amazing partner. I couldn't have asked for better person that him, its like twin soul as we are very very similar. I always been person who is always guided by happiness. My main objective in life is to achieve happiness wherever I go so thankfully I have it with my marriage.”

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When they were asked who is more possessive amongst them, here’s what the actress stated:

"I have my moments, but Karan is more possessive between the two of us. He keeps telling me, ‘She’s mine. All mine.’ and he wants me to keep saying it. ‘You are all mine? Only mine’. And I have to say ‘Yes, I am yours. Forever’."

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And Karan, on the hand, has the sweetest reply to this question:

"She is more protective than possessive. Till a few days before our marriage, she couldn’t say the word ‘husband’. She would stammer!"

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And when they were asked who fights the most, pat came KSG’s reply:

"We don’t have problems, but fights and we get engrossed too much in that, so we take turns." (READ: Here Is How Your Wedding Fights Can Predict The Things You Will Fight Over In The Future)

To which Bips added:

"If there’s a problem or complication including finance or the family, then I solve it."

Karan explained it further:

"And she starts it again by saying, ‘Don’t say sorry. I hate sorry!’ She has no place for a word like sorry in her life so she doesn’t like to use it or hear it."

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On being asked if they would want to work together again, Bipasha was found stating:

"We intend to work together as it’s always fun. We are like best friends and it’s fabulous to work together. We have been offered couple of films but nothing has worked well.”

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And this is not all guys, Karan even acknowledged Bipasha’s father’s sarcasm and humour.

Here’s what he recalled and shared:

“He told me, ‘Hamara dono biwi na… fire hai! Tum usske saath thoda thanda rehna. Tum water sign na, aag ke upar paani daal dena. No problem.'"

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In addition to this, he even described a fight that he witnessed between the two Bong beauties, Bipasha and her mom. Here’s what the Raaz 2 actor was quoted as saying:

“One day, I saw Bipasha and her mom fighting and it was like this tandaav happening! Her dad and I kept looking at each other. His sarcasm and humour is something else.”

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The more Karan and Bipasha are falling in love with each other, the more their fans are adoring them as a couple. We would like to convey our best wishes to this lovely duo. And all of you can keep checking this space out for the latest updates related to your favourite celebs.

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