Like A Boss: Indian Bride Rides Into Wedding Reception On A Motor Cycle


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Like A Boss: Indian Bride Rides Into Wedding Reception On A Motor Cycle

Whenever you think of Indian brides, the shy, coy girl walking slowly under a 'phoolon ki chaadar' (bedsheet made of flowers) towards her groom usually comes to your mind. And, why not? After all, the bride is supposed to be a 'sanskari' (traditional) girl.

But, this bride will surely surprise you with her unique entrance at her own wedding.

biker bride of ahemdabad

Meet Ayesha Upadhayay, a 26-year-old bride who got married recently. She is a computer science professor by profession. And, she entered her wedding riding a Bullet! Yes, you read it right. Have a look at the video here.

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This bride in all her finery- heavy lehenga, jewellery and Aviators looked like a complete dulhan (bride), but with a twist.

biker bride of ahemdabad

A passionate biker, she requested her parents to let her enter her wedding venue on a bike and her parents fulfilled her wish. Her brother gifted her that very same bike, which she rode to make a grand entrance.

biker bride of ahemdabad

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Ayesha has been riding bikes since the past 13 years, and she is also a part of an all-girls biker group. The best part of all this is that her businessman husband, Lokik does not know how to ride a bike. When asked about this, Ayesha said:

“I will take my husband for a ride.”

biker bride of ahemdabad

Well, this girl is one true inspiration for all brides out there. You rock girl!

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