Bharti Singh Opens Up On Her Pregnancy Plans, Promises To Welcome Her First Child In 2021

The year 2020 is filled with baby arrival announcements, and now, comedian, Bharti Singh has promised to embrace motherhood in the year 2021. Scroll down to know more!


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Bharti Singh Opens Up On Her Pregnancy Plans, Promises To Welcome Her First Child In 2021

Motherhood is a journey down the unexpected road that you never thought you can walk on. For every woman, it is a blessing to bring a life into this world. The moment you become a mother, you realise your true strengths and an immense amount of love you were holding in your heart for the little human you just gave birth to. And Indian comedian, Bharti Singh is all set to embrace her motherhood journey. In fact, she promised on the national television to embrace motherhood in 2021. (Recommend Read: Ankita Bhargava Talks About Postpartum Depression, Reveals How Being Creative Had Helped Her [Video])

For those who don't know, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaahad first met each other on the sets of Comedy Circus, wherein, Bharti was one of the contestants and Harash was a scriptwriter. While it wasn't 'love at first sight', they definitely felt a connection when they had worked together. Later, Harsh had proposed Bharti, and after dating for a few years, now, they are living their 'happily ever after' together. The duo often shares snippets of their married life with their fans on their respective Instagram handles. 

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa

Currently, Bharti is hosting India's Best Dancer with her darling hubby, Haarsh and in one of the episodes, they promised to welcome their baby in 2021. Yes, in last night's episode, Bharti Singh made this revelation. During the show, when Haarsh and Bharti performed a romantic dance, judge, Geeta said that she has always seen Haarsh saying romantic things about Bharti, but she has never seen the latter reciprocating it. To this, Bharti said that ever since she has understood love, Haarsh has been synonymous to romance and love for her. She further added she doesn't believe in show-off and she begins her day by looking at her God (Haarsh). She also shared that she can’t think about her life without Haarsh.

On the same show, Bharti made a big announcement on national television. While holding a dummy baby in her hands, Bharti said, "This is a promise on the national TV. This baby is fake in 2020, but this will become a real baby in 2021." To this, Haarsh added that they will be anchoring the next season holding their baby, and Bharti further added that she might be pregnant during the next season. Aww, isn't she sweet! (Also Read: Kapil Sharma Admits Wearing His Wife, Ginni Chatrath's Nighty At Home On His Chat Show [Watch Now])

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa

Talking about their love story, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Bharti had shared how Harsh loved her inside out. She had shared, "We might have progressed in other areas, but the Indian mentality remains the same. Society still differentiates between girls and boys. Parents think who would marry their daughter if she gets fat. When a boy is fat, he isn’t asked to lose weight, but a girl has to be slim in order to get married. Girls go into depression due to the pressure. They go to gyms and work out like crazy to lose weight, and that might not be easy for everyone."

She had further added, "I used to be quite negative, but Haarsh helped me change the way I think, and that’s why I am such a positive person today. He pampers me like a kid. I never experienced that, because my dad passed away when I was young and my mom used to work, so I missed being pampered. Women can go to any extent for the man they love, but when he appreciates them for the way they are and not the way he wants them to be, then they have a great relationship." (Don't Miss: Bobby Deol Recalls How His Brother, Sunny Deol Went Out Of His Way To Make His Debut Movie A Success)

Well, we cannot wait to hear the good news from Bharti and Haarsh!

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