'Barbie' Director, Greta Gerwig Explains Why She Is 'Scared' Of Her Next Project, 'Narnia'

Greta Gerwig recently opened up about being scared of her upcoming project with Netflix on the popular series, 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.


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'Barbie' Director, Greta Gerwig Explains Why She Is 'Scared' Of Her Next Project, 'Narnia'

After the immense success of her film, Barbie, the film's director, Greta Gerwig, is all set to start the production of her upcoming project on the Narnia book series. The 39-year-old director has struck a deal with the streaming giant, Netflix, to bring out two feature film adaptations of the book series.

There had been rumours for a long time about Greta undertaking the film adaptations of the book series, The Chronicles of Narnia. A recent report in New Yorker cleared the air around this rumour and confirmed that the director would adapt the popular book series into films.

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What did Greta Gerwig say about her new project, Narnia?


Greta Gerwig has been making headlines for quite some time now owing to the popularity of her film, Barbie. She is soaking in all the success and positivity that has come her way because of her now-released film. Greta’s next project is going to be the adaptation of the Narnia books. She shared her thoughts on taking up this new project on the podcast, Total Film. Greta mentioned that she is scared. She said:

“I haven’t even really started wrapping my arms around it, but I’m properly scared of it, which feels like a good place to start. I think when I’m scared, it’s always a good sign. Maybe when I stop being scared, it’ll be like, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t do that one.’ No, I’m terrified of it. It’s extraordinary. And it’s exciting.”

Netflix’s adaptation of the book series, The Chronicles of Narnia

Ted Sarandos

In 2018, Ted Sarandos, the CEO of Netflix, announced that the streaming platform had purchased the film and television rights of the well-known book series, The Chronicles of Narnia, written by C.S. Lewis.

Chronicles of Narnia

Previously, three out of the seven books in the Narnia series have been adapted into films, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005), Prince Caspian (2008), and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) by Andrew Adamson and Michael Apted. And it goes without saying that it would be an arduous task to match the directorial standard of these films. 

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Greta Gerwig wants to make all kinds of movies

Greta Gerwig

The director, Greta Gerwig, has worked on films such as Lady Bird (2017), the adaptation of the coming-of-age period drama by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women (2019), and her latest fantasy comedy film, Barbie. In the same podcast with Total Film, Greta talked about her wish to work on various kinds of movies. She said:

“I hope to make all different kinds of movies in the course of the time I get to make movies, which — it’s a long time, but it’s also limited. I want to do big things and small things and everywhere in between, and having another big canvas is exciting and also daunting.”


When asked by the host if she is interested in doing a ‘James Bond’ movie, Greta added that she wants to stick with dolls and lions for the time being. She said:

“Oh my God. We’re going to just stick with some lions and some dolls for the moment. You never know. I really like [Bond producer] Barbara Broccoli, so.”

Who is Greta Gerwig?

Greta and Noah

Greta Gerwig is a well-known American actress, director, and screenwriter. You may have heard her name numerous times these days. She is the director of the fantasy film, Barbie, which was released on July 21, 2023. She has worked with Noah Baumbach to write the same film. Greta has also worked on several other projects with Noah, including Mistress America (2015), Frances Ha (2012), and Greenberg (2010).


Greta is famous for her critically acclaimed comedy-drama, Lady Bird (2016) and her adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel, Little Women (2019). Greta has also starred in movies like Damsels in Distress, No Strings Attached, and 20th Century Women, among others.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is in theatres now

Margot Robbie

Barbie, directed and co-written by Greta Gerwig, is enjoying a successful opening and winning the hearts of the audience all over the world. The movie starring Margot Robbie as ‘Barbie’ and Ryan Gosling as ‘Ken’ is based on the titular character leaving ‘Barbie land’ to explore the joys and perils of the real world.


Are you excited about Greta Gerwig’s new project? Let us know.

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