Arbaaz Khan Shares Son Arhaan Is Always In Contact With Him Post His Divorce With Malaika Arora


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Arbaaz Khan Shares Son Arhaan Is Always In Contact With Him Post His Divorce With Malaika Arora

Divorces and separations are difficult, but as they say, some things aren’t meant to be and it is only better if a couple moves on in their life at the right time, instead of making things go nasty. Bollywood's once hottest couple, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora shocked everyone when they announced their separation after 18 years of marital bliss. After many speculations, Arbaaz and Malaika issued an official statement pertaining to their separation and shattered millions of heart. (Do Read: Hrithik Roshan And Sussanne Khan On Movie Date Along With Sons Hridhaan-Hrehaan, Pics Inside)

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan together, have a teenage son, Arhaan Khan and time and again in interviews, his star parents have acknowledged how amazingly the star kid handled his parent’s separation. And not just separation, Arhaan seems to be more than okay with his parents moving on happily in life with their respective lovers (Arbaaz Khan with Giorgia Andriani and Malaika Arora with Arjun Kapoor). And in an interaction with Deccan Chronicle, Arbaaz shared some interesting facts about his camaraderie with son, Arhaan post his divorce with Malaika.

Arbaaz Khan Shares Interesting Facts About His Relationship With Son Arhaan

For the uninitiated, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora got divorced in 2016, with Arhaan’s custody being with Malaika. In the interview, Arbaaz Khan shared, “I spend a lot of time with my kid and cater to all the responsibilities. He is not staying with me right now because his mother has the custody but he is always in contact with me and comes over to stay with me. I am a very hands-on father and he is a wonderful boy. He is close to his paternal grandparents and is attached to his maternal relatives as well.” There were rumours that he and Malaika will be doing a show together. When asked about the same, he shared, “Even I have been hearing about it but I don’t know where this news is coming from.” But, would he work with Malaika in future? “That’s an interesting question. Let’s just keep that a secret. I don’t wish to answer that right now.”

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan

Celebrities and social media are a whole new world altogether! Speaking about the same, Arbaaz Khan shared, “What’s that latest one? That’s obvious na? If I had to hide my affair, I would not have brought it in open. I unhesitatingly admit that Georgia is there in my life at this point in time. Somebody who I have at his time in my life is a friend who I am also dating. Where it is going to go? Only time will tell. Yes, undoubtedly, we are together.” (Must Read: Neha Kakkar Regrets Breaking Up With Her Ex Himansh Kohli On Social Media And Calls It A 'Mistake')

Arbaaz Khan Has Found Love Giorgia Andriani

Speaking about how he is leading his life now, Arbaaz Khan revealed in the same interview, “When you are living alone then you tend to take life casually. You can either change for the better or probably for the worst. You can get addicted to a bottle or you may think that there is nothing left in your life. Fortunately, I was not in that mindset and my partner encourages me to remain positive and go ahead in life.” Talking about the recent conflicts in his personal life, Arbaaz says that whatever happens, one has to move on, live and let live others and stated, “There was a time when I needed to be worried and now it’s over. Whether you forget or forgive, whatever scenario you may choose, you have to move on. Look, if you forget then you have forgiven as well. But, if you forgive, you may have not forgotten it but at least you have forgiven. Choose whatever works for you.”

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan

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Malaika too, in a recent interview, shared her son, Arhaan’s reaction on their divorce and stated, “I would want to see my child in a happy environment than be subjected to an environment that is completely disruptive. With time, my child is far more accepting and far happier. He can see that we both as individuals are far more happy than what we were in our marriage. He did actually turn around one day and he did say that to me, ‘Mom, it’s good to see you happy and smiling’.”

Arhaan Khan and Malaika Arora

In an interaction with Kareena Kapoor Khan on her radio chat show, What Women Want, Malaika shared some very important grounds for her divorce. She had shared, “For me, happiness is most important. Even if it means I have to take such a major decision in life. We eventually did think about a lot of things and weighed every single pro and con. And then we decided, it’s better off that we move our separate ways because we’d just be better people. Because we were two people in a situation making each other extremely unhappy which was impacting everybody else’s life around us.” (Also Read: Akash Ambani's Reaction On Seeing Shloka Mehta Walking Down The Aisle As Bride Is Priceless [VIDEO])

Malaika Arora Khan Divorce Petition With Arbaaz Khan

One tough call and see how happy these people are in their individual selves! Guys, what do you think, should one move on or keep trying to fix it if things don’t work out? Let us know!

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