AR Rahman Owns Multi-Crore Properties, Know All About His Luxurious Homes From Chennai To LA

Bollywood musician, AR Rahman has spread the magic of voice to all over the world with his songs. Let us give you a sneak-peek of his multi-crore properties across the world!


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AR Rahman Owns Multi-Crore Properties, Know All About His Luxurious Homes From Chennai To LA

We truly believe that there is no dream too big, which cannot turn into reality! After all, every successful story is started with a dreamer, who has the strength to dream it. Lucky are the ones, who know how to dream and make them turn into reality. Gathering the motivation to work hard, is not everyone's cup of tea, and most of us give up by walking only a few miles, and there are only a few, who continue to work hard. These are the set of people, who achieve a lot of success in their life. And the Oscar-winning legendary musician, AR Rahman's tale is a source of inspiration to tons of his fans.

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For those who don't know, AR Rahman had learnt to play the keyboard at the age of four and soon he had developed an interest in the world of music. At the mere age of nine, Rahman had lost his father, and this had made him take all the responsibility upon his shoulder. Starting off as a small-time keyboard player, he was a part of the band 'Roots'. He had started his journey with writing and composing advertisement jingles. After working really hard, in the year 2008, his career had taken to unimaginable heights when he had won an Oscar for his music in Danny Boyle's film, Slumdog Millionaire.

AR Rahman has turned into a global icon by winning twice in his life. The musician spends a lot of time travelling across global venues in the USA, UK and Middle East, and he has invested in a lot of multi-crore properties. So, hop on as we give you the digital tour of AR Rahman's properties, right from LA to Chennai!

A Bungalow In Chennai

AR Rahman's bungalow in Chennai is a beautiful place with a gorgeous interior. We remember once in a media interaction, the composer had shared that music is spiritual and he loves being in the zone when making music. And his home is a perfect blend of wooden flooring that satiate his need for being in that zone. His gorgeous abode has huge leather sofas, a beautiful dining area, a separate entertainment zone and a music studio to simply create music. His Chennai home is an apartment-cum-studio, which he has always wanted. 

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Los Angeles Apartment

AR Rahman, who has made India proud by winning Oscar, often travels to Hollywood. He had also contributed to a lot of Hollywood movies, and because of which he had also invested in a beautiful property in Los Angeles. Once AR Rahman's close aide had talked about the same in an interview with The Times of India. He had shared, "Rahman is always hard-pressed for time. So, he decided that having an apartment cum studio would be very beneficial. He wanted to have a setting as he does in his Chennai home in which he also has a studio. When Rahman composes his music, he does not really move around. He likes to keep to himself and wait for inspiration. So, his house is more like an office and a studio with basic amenities of a house thrown in."

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AR Rahman's Studio

Apart from owning two mesmerising home, AR Rahman also owns a studio in close quarters to his home. During the lockdown, due to the pandemic, the musician had spent most of his time there. It is also open to his friends and fellow musicians.

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Well, AR Rahman is definitely an inspiration for many, especially the way he has proved that nothing is impossible in this world!