Anmol Chaudhary Reveals She Wanted To Abort Her Baby, Changed Her Mind After Hearing His Heartbeat

'Splitsvilla 10' fame, Anmol Chaudhary revealed that she wanted to abort her first child with her ex-boyfriend. However, changed her mind after hearing his heartbeat. Check it out!


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Anmol Chaudhary Reveals She Wanted To Abort Her Baby, Changed Her Mind After Hearing His Heartbeat

Splitsvilla 10 fame, Anmol Chaudhary, had made headlines when she had announced the arrival of her first child. The gorgeousness had shared on her official Instagram handle, her journey of being a single mother and the adversity she had gone through. Now, Anmol Chaudhary opened up on the thought of aborting her first child, but his heartbeat had changed her mind.

On July 8, 2021, Anmol had shared a beautiful throwback picture with her newborn baby from the hospital room. Alongside it, she had written, "And I was born again." The image beautifully reflected the actress' love for her little munchkin.

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Anmol Chaudhary

Recently, in an interview with Humans Of Bombay, Anmol opened up on her pregnancy. She revealed that she had made up her mind to abort the child, but the moment Anmol had heard her baby's heartbeat, she had dropped her decision. Anmol shared, "I was 27 when I found out I was pregnant with my ex-partner's baby. My career was just picking up & I wasn't even married. I was shaken. I informed my ex-partner about my decision to abort the child."

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Anmol further added, "He agreed; within a few hours, I was at the hospital to discuss it with my doctor. She confirmed the pregnancy & said, 'There's a heartbeat'. The second I heard it, I broke down. I couldn't do it...I came home & asked the universe for a sign. At that very moment, my phone rang, I picked it up & to my surprise it was a baby laughing. It was a wrong number, but I'd gotten my sign; I decided to keep the baby."

In the same interview, Anmol revealed that her partner wasn't ready to be a father, and when she had informed them about her pregnancy to her parents, they had broken all their ties with her. Anmol shared that during the nine months, it was her sister who was with her.

Anmol also talked about the moment, she had first held her baby in her arms. She shared, "When I held him, I forgot about how I was alienated because I did something that was considered a taboo–all I felt was love for my baby boy. When I look at Jayce, I cannot believe that I even thought about not having him. Still, people judge me for having a baby out of wedlock, but I've learnt to ignore them. The thing is, the world will always find a reason to judge a woman, but it's our body, it's our life & our damn choice!"

On the work front, Anmol is a mom blogger! 

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