Ankita Lokhande Talks About Her Fights With Vicky In BB 17, He Mocks Her, Netizen Says 'Aisa Pati..'

After the release of their latest music video, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain sat down for an interview and discussed their personal and professional lives.


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Ankita Lokhande Talks About Her Fights With Vicky In BB 17, He Mocks Her, Netizen Says 'Aisa Pati..'

Ankita Lokhande and her husband, Vicky Jain, emerged as one of the prominent names in the media after they participated in the infamous TV reality show, Bigg Boss 17. Their constant and ugly fights in the BB house were one of the extensively covered topics when the show was on air. After the show ended, their public appearances also frequently made it to the news. Moreover, Ankita along with Vicky, was seen in a music video titled Laa Pila De Sharaab.

Vicky Jain interrupts Ankita Lokhande while she speaks about their fights

After the release of their music video, Ankita and Vicky appeared on Radio Mirchi’s podcast on April 9, 2024. During the conversation, the couple talked about their recent projects, married life and their stint on Bigg Boss. While the two were talking about their new song, the host shared that he was asked by a majority of the couple’s fandoms to question them about their fights. Ankita started answering the queries, but Vicky interrupted her and said that the two had different points of view.

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Vicky further added that the term ‘jhagda’ sounds really bad and that they have never fought the way they used to when they were inside the BB house. As soon as Vicky ended his statement, Ankita said that she didn't think she had any relentless fight with Vicky. The actress mentioned that she was going through some emotional phase towards the end of the show. Hence, she used to behave indifferently with Vicky. Upon hearing this, the latter started mocking her and said:

“End ka ek der mahina wo hota hai 45 din bhai!”

Netizens say Vicky Jain is a red flag

This clip of their recent interaction has gone viral on social media and netizens have been penning down their thoughts on the same. One netizen said, “Making fun of his own wife in front of puri duniya, oh god! What a dominating male.” Another one noted, “Aisa pati hone se acha shaadi hi na ho.” A third user mentioned, “He should be grateful that because of ankita he's getting the fame which he doesn't deserve now.”

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Check the video here.

Vicky Jain shares that hard work is important for him, while Ankita says luck matters the most

In the same interview, the host shared his thoughts on luck and talent and asked them if they agreed with them. To this, Vicky said that he believes in hard work, and Ankita interrupted him and added that luck is important in the entertainment industry. Vicky once again disrupted the actress and continued sharing his thoughts on hard work and luck. Furthermore, Ankita also revealed her thoughts on the same and said that luck matters in the industry.

Check the interview here.

What are your thoughts about Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s relationship? Let us know.

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