Angad Bedi Recalls Purchasing A Car On Loan To Impress Neha Dhupia, Reveals What Happened Afterwards

On Valentine's Day, Angad Bedi recalled the time when he only had Rs. 3 lakhs and wanted to marry his ladylove, Neha Dhupia. The actor revealed why her parents agreed to their decision to get married.


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Angad Bedi Recalls Purchasing A Car On Loan To Impress Neha Dhupia, Reveals What Happened Afterwards

The stunning couple, Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia Bedi are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after couples in the entertainment industry. The lovebirds got married in an intimate ceremony back in May 2018, and even after so many years of their wedding, they still radiate the glow of a newly married couple. Much credit goes to the way both Neha and Angad try to pamper and treat each other despite their respective tiring and hectic work schedules. The much-in-love couple is also blessed with two adorable kids, Mehr and Guriq.

When Angad Bedi took a car on loan to impress Neha Dhupia

In a conversation with the Humans of Bombay, Angad Bedi recalled the time when Neha Dhupia told him about a car and how it instantly became the goal of his life to buy it. The actor shared he and Neha were hanging out after their shoot one day when she casually revealed how much she likes a car and it was when Angad had decided that he would buy it, even if he had to purchase it on loan. The actor further revealed that he purchased the same car and Neha was the first person who sat inside his car and they went to a gurudwara. Recalling the beautiful incident he shared:

"I remember, once after one of our projects..we were hanging out when she told me about how much she liked a car. And after that, my life’s goal was to buy it. Even if that meant I’d loan it out. And that’s why when I bought it, we 1st went to a Gurudwara. She was the 1st person to sit in my car & today, our kids travel in it too."

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Angad Bedi recalled the time when he only had Rs. 3 lakhs in his account when he got married to his ladylove, Neha Dhupia

On the day of love and romance, Valentine’s Day, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Angad Bedi talked about his married life with Neha Dhupia Bedi and recalled the time when they got married. The actor admitted that back in 2018 when he took the plunge with Neha, he only had 3 lakh rupees in his account.

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi love story

The dapper actor, Angad Bedi admitted that even at the time of his wedding, he knew that the amount (Rs. 3 lakhs) he had in his account was in no way near the standards society has set for a person, who wants to get married. However, despite that, he tied the knot with Neha because of his belief in himself and Neha. Angad explained his views on people taking too much tension about the financial stability in a marriage, as he added that if the two people believe in each other, everything will fall into place. He stated:

"When we got married, honestly speaking, it's not about a lot of people think about it a lot. They think that 'paise hone chaiye, settled hona chaiye, kaunsi family hai'. These things matter a lot. I just feel if you know, you know and you should take the plunge, rest everything follows. I didn't have money back then, I only had Rs 3 lakh rupees when we got married."

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi love story

Angad Bedi revealed how Neha Dhupia's parents said 'yes' to his marriage proposal despite knowing he only had Rs. 3 lakhs in his account

Further in the interview, Angad Bedi also talked about the reaction of Neha Dhupia’s parents, Pradip Singh Dhupia and Manpinder, when he proposed marriage to their daughter. The actor admitted that when he approached Neha’s parents, they knew that he was the son of the famous sportsperson, Bishan Singh Bedi, but it was more about him and his individuality. Reflecting on the same, Angad admitted that it was hard for Neha’s parents to trust him with their daughter’s life. He explained:

"It's not a big amount for her parents to trust me. Yes, I come from a certain background and I come from sports and all that but it's different. But on my own, who am I is a very big question. You get supported by your family and all that is great."

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Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi

At the end of the interview, Angad Bedi credited his in-laws for trusting him and saying ‘yes’ to his and their daughter, Neha Dhupia’s decision to get married. The actor admitted that he was eager to create a separate identity for himself apart from being the son of Bishan Singh Bedi, and it was his belief in himself that convinced Neha and her parents. Angad also added that right from the beginning, he knew that after his marriage to Neha, he would grow both financially and as a person. He explained:

"I am very grateful and very proud of the fact that I am born to a legend who is a sporting icon. But I just feel that on your own, what are you? Financially, emotionally, and mentally. So I realised that if I have her by my side, my money will grow exponentially. I will give her parents a lot of credit that they were okay with which situation I was in. But one thing I was certain that I will somehow...If she says yes, everything would fall in place and it happened."

bedi family

Well, we are in love with the way Angad believed in himself and how Neha’s parents had his back. What do you think? Let us know.

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