9 Reasons Why Arranged Marriage Is A Better Idea To Find 'Custom-Made' Life Partner


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9 Reasons Why Arranged Marriage Is A Better Idea To Find 'Custom-Made' Life Partner

If you thought that arranged marriages are dying in India and losing its logic over love marriages, it’s time for you to hold on. The traditional norm where parents choose the spouse for their child is still active and very much prevalent in the society.

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Surprisingly, the upfront and vocal new generation who lives by their own notions are actually the ones who are readily accepting the traditional setup. Hence, we did our bit of research and found some interesting, cool, sensible and amusing reasons behind agreeing to their parent’s choice.

#1. Her photograph was attractive

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Aren’t the beautiful pictures misleading at times? In an interview, Robin Khatri, an assistant manager in a jewellery showroom said:

“My family got three photographs of my wife. One in salwar suit, one in western casuals and one in saree. She looked beautiful in all the three. So, my judgement was based only on those snaps provided to me. Rest was seen and considered by my mother.”

#2. A painless process

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Oh! You can’t take that pain or that wrath? This is what, Mayank Singh, assistant marketing manager said about his arrange marriage:

“Finding love on my own is not my cup of tea. I am too lazy to get into all this. I know I am getting married to a girl with certain qualities. And that’s enough to get on the horse. My parents have already started liking their would be daughter-in-law. So, the task of making everything and everyone comfortable doesn’t actually lie on me. It’s entirely their headache.”

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#3. Legal romancing

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You mean the license granted? When asked about her experience for finding the right guy, this is what recently engaged Madhumita mentioned:

"See, the parent’s attitude changes as soon as you get engaged. Now I can stay out late, go dating and meet my fiancé as and when I like. My dad was just too strict even if I used to talk to a college friend. I can’t imagine doing this in case I was having an affair. But now he is okay even if I am going out for a movie. That means I can date khullam khulla without being judged or caught”.

#4. Marriage, a lot more than your partner

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Hum Saath Saath Hain type? In an interview, housewife, Bhavika Sharma said:

 “I never even thought to shortlist someone on my own. I think marriage is a lot more than just your partner, romance or love. For me, it’s a lot about your family and a foundation that I can never see shaken. Fights, arguments, laughter, festivities, the huge gatherings and emotions; there are so much more to be dealt with in an arranged marriage scenario. And I was just too scared to miss all this”.

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#5. His bank balance

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There we go! So, that’s the end of the hunt. This is what homemaker Minakshi Pandey had to say about her arranged marriage experience: 

“A wealthy man offers a natural sense of security. Isn’t it? For me and my family, guy’s income was the first priority. Their would be son-in-law was career-oriented and was financially secured. Though, I am myself earning and into a good job but then I feel much more carefree financially marrying this guy. Also with money, he will be more sensitive and understanding towards my needs."

#6. Like an adventure

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Surprise surprise!  Snigdha Maheshwari who had her roka ceremony last month shared her delightful time by mentioning:

“Since it’s an arranged one, we are almost strangers to each other. So, there is a lot to be explored and day by day it gets super-exciting. The new chapter in my life leaves me with so much room to discover and talk about this guy. Each day and moment comes as a surprise and its fun. Currently, I am learning about the nitty-gritty of the new relationship."

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#7. To make my parents happy

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Now that’s like a good boy. A college graduate, Anushile Aggarwal expressed and said:

 “See, life is no fairytale and marriage is a big step in one's life. They are looking for a marriage prospect for me and I know that they will end up with a right girl. Also, I can’t oppose the match and go against my family and relatives. I am not that daring. So, whatever ensure my parent’s happiness”.

#8. You have better options and choices

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A huge checklist for that perfect partner? During the interview, Shashi Kumar expressed his approach towards arranged marriage and said:

 “My parents gave me a freedom of having a manageable choice set. Believe me, this is just a great advantage of going for an arranged marriage. You have hundreds of available options and no fear, no resentment. Simply go on choosing as per your likes and dislikes. And I ended up having a great life partner. So, more or less it was a choice marriage”.

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#9. His matrimonial biodata seemed fine

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You got to be kidding us. Practical Richa Verma, who runs a boutique in North Delhi said:

“It all started with that usual technical process. The biodata with his photo was floating all around in my house. But l was lucky that I found his profile okay and there were no arguments and clashes. Wedding date was arranged soon. The trouble might have erupted had I not liked the biodata. But why to discuss something which didn’t happen?"

So, if you are all set to start a new chapter in your life, you can certainly give an arranged marriage a shot. Yes, it is definitely an old-school scenario but your acceptance might lead you to a “happy married life”. And do let us know if you find it okay or irrational. Drop us your comments or maybe its pros and cons.

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