Amrita Rao Busts Myths About Motherhood, Disagrees To Having A Nanny Around The Baby Always

In her recent interview, Amrita Rao opened up about her experience of motherhood so far. Scroll down to know it all!


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Amrita Rao Busts Myths About Motherhood, Disagrees To Having A Nanny Around The Baby Always

Bollywood actress, Amrita Rao and her husband, RJ Anmol had embraced parenthood for the first time, when they were blessed with a baby boy on November 1, 2020. The newbie parents had released a press statement confirming the arrival of their little prince. Amrita and Anmol have named their baby boy, Veer. Now that baby Veer is almost four months old, the new mommy has a lot of secrets to spill about motherhood! (Recommended Read: Shikha Singh Thanks God For Sending Her Baby Doll, Alayna In Her Life, Shares An Alluring Picture)

In her recent interview with Pinkvilla, Amrita Rao opened up about her experience of motherhood so far. She talked about her sleepless nights, diet, prevalent myths around motherhood, and many such things. Scroll down to know more!

Amrita Rao with her husband RJ Anmol

Speaking about the most prevalent untrue idea around pregnancy and motherhood, Amrita Rao said, “That you could hand over your baby to a Japa Nanny or a Caretaker as soon as you got home from the hospital and things would be relatively smooth and hunky-dory.” Further, explaining one of the most difficult things about being a mother, she said, "That now you’re a “Mother forever.” Of course, the day and night duty in the initial months of the baby’s birth are also the toughest.”

Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao also talked about getting back in shape and said, “I haven’t started working out yet. In fact even throughout my pregnancy, I missed out on the workout bit because of the pandemic and then later my gynaecologist advised me not to. Fortunately thanks to my genes I’m quite the same and even whilst pregnant in certain outfits you couldn’t tell I was carrying a baby. But I’m starting my yoga this month and I’m so looking forward to it.”

Amrita Rao

When asked what is that one piece of advice she would like to give to fellow newbie mothers, the actress retorted, “My advice to new moms would be don’t hand over your baby to a nanny as much as possible. I understand if you’re a working mom it’s extremely difficult but it’s important to spend time with the baby yourself, that’s the only way you will understand your child and keep talking to the baby as much as you can from the start.” (Also Read: Anita Hassanandani's Baby Boy, Aarav's Sunbathing Photo Is The Cutest Picture On The Internet Today)

Amrita Rao

Talking about her sleepless nights, Amrita said, "I'm up most of the night feeding my baby and it's not like your shift ends and you get to sleep in the day, the day continues catering to every second of Veer. You have to put behind yourself and now you become your second priority. Motherhood is the toughest role I have played so far." The newbie mommy also revealed that she doesn't have a nanny for her son, Veer as she believes that a mother should spend as much time as possible with her child to understand them better.

Amrita Rao baby

Amrita then revealed she has a special name for her husband, RJ Anmol. She said, "There are so many things that your parents forget by the time you are a parent so no one can really prepare you for the journey. You have to step into parenthood to be born as a parent." Amrita then added that her husband, Anmol, is a hands-on dad and has a name for him after becoming a father. In her words, "I'm very impressed with him. He was excited about giving Veer a bath from day one. He stayed awake at intervals at night when I needed help. He also changes nappies and can pretty much handle Veer without me. I call him the Japa-Papa for Veer." (Don't Miss: Alaya Furniturewalla Spotted With Alleged Beau, Aaishvary Thackeray And Could Be 'Saasu Maa', Smita)

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