Amrita Rao Shares Her Experience Of Putting Baby Veer To Sleep And Every Mother Would Agree With Her

For every new parent, it is a battle to get enough sleep for themselves and putting their baby to sleep. Newbie mom, Amrita Rao shares her experience of putting her baby, Veer to sleep.


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Amrita Rao Shares Her Experience Of Putting Baby Veer To Sleep And Every Mother Would Agree With Her

It was more than a decade ago when Amrita Rao found her Life Partner in RJ Anmol, whom she had met for an interview, which in his words never ended. Amrita and Anmol had kept their relationship and wedding under wraps for a few years and it was him, who had announced the news of their wedding on Facebook. Just like their relationship, Amrita and Anmol had kept their pregnancy hidden from the media until the last trimester but when the couple embraced parenthood, the ecstatic parents announced the happy news on social media.

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To announce the arrival of Veer in November 2020, Amrita Rao and Anmol shared a cute announcement post. The newbie parents had written, "Buoy O Boy... Yes, it's a 'Boy'... Amrita and the Baby are doing perfectly fine. So much love pouring in... We feel blessed! Thank you. As we complete 11 years of our relationship, couldn't ask for a better gift...” Amrita and Anmol had the naming ceremony of their newborn and giving a glimpse of the same on social media, the latter had written, “Naming Ceremony of VEER!!! #veer #namingceremony.”


Naming Ceremony

For every new parent, it is a battle to get enough sleep for themselves and putting their baby to sleep. Mothers often bear the brunt of sleep deprivation because of the little one's sleep cycle and now, newbie mom, Amrita Rao shares her experience with putting her baby to sleep. Speaking of how much effort it takes to put Veer to sleep, the newbie mommy wrote on her IG story, "Putting a baby to sleep is like winning a gold at the Olympics." We are sure, every newbie mother would agree with Amrita!

IG Story

A few days ago, Amrita Rao had given a glimpse of her hubby, Anmol taking the 'Don't Rush' social media challenge, but the doting dad gave his own twist. In the video, Anmol could be seen attempting the 'Don't Rush Challenge' but in the middle, he had leave to take care of his father duties. Amrita had captioned the post as "With VEER around, you Don't Ever say Don't Rush !!!A Hands On Mom is Nothing without a Hands On Papa @rjanmol27 I'm So Proud of You...#veer #sharethelove #dontrushchallenge #reelsinstagram #reelkarofeelkaro #reelitfeelit #rjanmol #amritarao #papa #fatherlove #fatherson."

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In an interview with Pinkvilla, Amrita Rao had spoken about the hands-on dad that Anmol is and her motherhood journey so far. When asked how involved Anmol is when it comes to parenting and if she has assigned duties when it comes to looking after Veer, Amrita had retorted, "Anmol is a hands-on dad. I'm very impressed with him. He was excited about giving Veer a bath from day one. He stayed awake at intervals at night when I needed help. He also changes nappies and can pretty much handle Veer without me. I call him the Japa-Papa for Veer!" Revealing how motherhood is treating her, Amrita had said, "I'm up most of the night feeding my baby and it's not like your shift ends and you get to sleep in the day, the day continues catering to every second of Veer. You have to put behind yourself and now you become your second priority. Motherhood is the toughest role I have played so far!"

Amrita Rao and Anmol

Revealing the small everyday changes they have had to bring about in life, after their son, Veer was born, Amrita Rao had said, "We have a routine for Veer but many times he changes it. We have to revolve our daily ablutions around Veer now. I leave him in his pram to accompany Anmol during his workout while I get to grab some breakfast and vise-versa. Anmol and I have not yet stepped out just to spend some togetherness ever since. I'm not complaining though because we are really enjoying being the tripling." Busting a myth about motherhood, Amrita had said, " That you could hand over your baby to a Japa Nanny or a Caretaker as soon as you got home from the hospital and things would be relatively smooth and hunky-dory."

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Amrita Rao, Anmol and Veer

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