Tanmay Bhat Lost 109 Kgs In 12 Months With Keto Diet, Here Is All We Need To Know About This Diet


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Tanmay Bhat Lost 109 Kgs In 12 Months With Keto Diet, Here Is All We Need To Know About This Diet

We all have laughed along with and on Tanmay Bhat. This man has never been afraid of trying anything new and out-of-the box. His sportsmanship is commendable. Though, Tanmay has been in the limelight for a long time following his stints with AIB, this time he is ruling the trending charts for all the right and inspirational reasons!

Tanmay never shied away for being on the heavier side, but the transformation that he has gone through is remarkable and inspirational. He has lost almost 109 Kgs in less than 12 months! This is what he looks like now:

Tanmay Bhatt

We know that you cannot wait to know about the secret, but let us tell you something with a straight face, there are no shortcuts to success. Tanmay followed Keto diet to shed his excess pounds. He attributes his success to this diet routine. Here is all that you need to know about the Keto diet and the workout regime that he followed. 

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What is a keto diet?

The stand-up comedian swore by the Keto Diet for achieving his desired goal. It is a low carb diet that forces your body to use fats to gain energy. When your body does not get enough carbs, it starts producing small fuel molecules known as 'ketones' using the fat. They burn all the extra fat in the body making you lose weight. Tanmay's trainer Ranveer himself tried the diet first and then suggested the same to his client. 

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Tanmay Bhat Weight loss

Image Courtesy: Instagram

On Tanmay's diet, Ranveer said, 

"Tanmay made a few tweaks to his diet, substituting the bad carbs from sugar-rich foods like pastries and ice-creams, with good carbs from foods like whole grains, veggies and nuts, along with plenty of protein-dense food like chicken and seafood."

The idea of limiting carbs and increasing the fat intake may sound bizarre, but it actually works if you make sure that the fats that you are consuming are the good ones. You also need to remember that the carbs and the fats that you are acquiring are from healthy sources like nuts, whole grains and vegetables. Eating fat doesn't mean that you can gorge on as many cakes and pizzas as you want. It means eating right! 

Tanmay Bhat Weight loss

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Along with few carbs and good fats, you also need to make sure that you consume the adequate amount of proteins or else, you will lose muscle weight instead of fat. Being on a strict diet doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy yourself once in a while. Tanmay and Ranveer had their cheat days as well. 

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Explaining what dieting actually means, Ranveer said, 

"Tanmay swapped desserts, ice cream and Bingo Mad Angles for chicken breasts, lots of veggies and medium sized portions of complex carbs. He’s been following a detailed diet plan that I gave him. BUT twice a week, both of us make it a point to gorge on Joey’s Pizza and/or Frisbees burgers. THAT is correct dieting. You can’t maintain a long-term diet plan unless you ENJOY yourself once in a while."

The workout

Tanmay Bhat Weight loss

Image Courtesy: Instagram

The Keto diet is very effective for those who want to lose weight without spending their entire lifetime in the gym! Tanmay followed this diet religiously and combined it with a simple workout.

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Tanmay Bhat and his trainer, Ranveer

Images Courtesy: Instagram

By switching his diet, Tanmay was able to achieve his desired body without doing intense cardio. He did a lot of weight lifting, combined with some cardio and a powerful diet.
Ranveer said, 

"So for a while now, this beast (Bhat) has been following a workout that involves heavy-ass powerlifting and a bit of cardio. But what’s really done wonders for him is the change in diet. By making just a few tweaks in his diet, he’s gone from being Mr. Big Guy to being Mr. Steal Yo Girl."

Meanwhile, Tanmay posted this on his Twitter account: 

Tanmay Bhat Weight Loss

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With some changes in your diet and workout, you can get a healthy body. The motive behind restricting what you eat shouldn't just be weight loss, but achieving a balanced lifestyle. A lean body is indeed, healthier. Proper diet and workout promote a healthy mind and secures you emotionally as well!

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