Airbrush Make Up VS HD Make Up, Which One Should A Bride Go For


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Airbrush Make Up VS HD Make Up, Which One Should A Bride Go For

To look the most beautiful is what every bride wants on her wedding day. She wants her make up to be impeccable and flawless. While it is already a task to settle on a make up artist, these days, brides find it difficult to choose the type of make up too. There are so many options available in the market that brides often find themselves in the dilemma. 

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The two most sought-after make up styles that are ruling the make up world right now are the HD make up and the airbrush make up. If you are torn between these two, we have decoded both the styles so that you can choose one that suits your style.

Airbrush make up

Airbrush Make up

It is a newer technique in which make up is applied to the face using a special equipment. Liquid make up products are sprayed directly on the face using a special airbrush. This ensures an even coating of the make up.

Airbrush Make up

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Most of the products are silicon-based and non-transferable. Let's decode this make up technique:


  • Since most of the products are silicon-based, this make up can stay on for a very long duration.
  • It is a blessing for the brides who have oily skin as airbrush products have mattifying agents. 
  • It creates a light layer of make up on your skin which will not only make your photos look flawless but also wouldn't make your face look like a pancake of make up.
  • Airbrush make up is more water resistant than any other form of make up.

We recommend using Revlon Photo Ready Air Brush.

HD make up

HD Make up

With the coming of high definition cameras, your cracks and other lines are exposed to the lens more than ever. To make sure that the bride looks flawless in her wedding pictures, make up artists have come up with HD make up which gives the bride a natural look while hiding her flaws.

HD make up has reflective particles like mica, quartz, silicon or crystals which diffuses the light and creates an illusion of an even looking skin. You can read the pros and cons of HD make up below:


  • HD make up is not about creating layers of make up but the use of good quality reflective products. Thus, your make up never looks cakey.
  • HD make up is sheer. It hides your flaws, uneven texture of the skin and other un-telegenic flaws without taking away your natural beauty. You can see the skin through the make up.

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HD Make up

  • Some special make up products have mattifying agents which prevent unwanted shine in the oilier complexions. This way, the make up wouldn't come off because of the natural oils of the skin.
  • There are moisturiser based products too which settle in the cracks and creases of dry skin and give it a plump and well-nourished look.
  • You do not need a special equipment for it. You can do the touch-up yourself with the help of a simple make up brush.
  • It leaves minimal residues and covers even the most stubborn marks on the face.

We recommend using L A Girl HD Pro Conceal, L.A Girl PRO Coverage HD Foundation and L A Girl Pro Setting HD Powder

HD Make up

Our verdict

Now that you have read about the two much-in-demand make up techniques, let us help you decide in choosing one.

  • While both HD and airbrush make up will help you to cover your flaws, HD make up will give you a softer finish while hiding even the smallest spots which is not possible with airbrush make up.
  • HD make up gives you an almost translucent effect without letting your cracks and creases to appear but airbrush make up, if not done right, can do just the opposite.

Airbrush HD Make Up

  • Not only HD make up is cheaper, it is suitable for all skin types whereas airbrush make up will look flaky on the brides with dry skin.
  • Airbrush make up lasts longer than HD make up and is water resilient.
  • HD make up brings out your features while airbrush make up can make your face look flat!

Finally, the airbrush make up that sees on the cover of the magazines is a result of photoshop. It will burn a big hole in your pocket and wouldn't give you the desired result. HD make up wins the race with a lot of points. So, no matter what kind of a skin you have, HD make up will help you look like the most beautiful bride on the most important day of your life.

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