'Aashiqui' Fame, Anu Aggarwal Talks About Her Accident, Says 'Had Dreams Of Lying On A Hospital Bed'

'Aashiqui' fame, Anu Aggarwal talked about her life-threatening accident back in 1999 and the things she had experienced at that time. Take a look!


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'Aashiqui' Fame, Anu Aggarwal Talks About Her Accident, Says 'Had Dreams Of Lying On A Hospital Bed'

In the year 1990, a romantic film was released in July, which is still regarded as one of the most loved and beautiful love stories of all-time. Yes! We are talking about the musical love story, Aashiqui that had taught the real meaning of love to all the young people of that generation. Both the lead actors, Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal, made their debut with this film and witnessed an overnight success after the release of the movie in theatres. But after some years, Anu Aggarwal met with a life-threatening car crash in 1999 that changed her entire life in a spin.

In her interview, the actress talked about that gruesome phase of her life, and how she had managed to get out of that depressing time. Also, she spoke about her new love, working for underprivileged children and how her helplessness has encouraged her to do this work.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Aashiqui fame, Anu Aggarwal talked about her deadly car crash in 1999 and the terrible things she had faced at that time. She said,

"In the first two years, I used to have dreams and visions of lying on a hospital bed, and everything was in slow motion. But I used to come out of it. I was training my mind to look at things positively. So whatever visions I had would also have a positive ending, and slowly the visions stopped. But it took many years."

Going further in her interview, Anu revealed the reason behind her decision to work for underprivileged children. On which, she said,

"I'm a Masters in Social Work. I wanted to do social work when I was 15-16 and wanted to make people happy when I was a child. When I grew up, I studied social work. In 1999, I had the accident, and when I started to get better, I have to start this now. So, I started researching and started working with an NGO that worked for underprivileged children."

She also added that her own experience of going through the same sort of helplessness during her recovery days had helped her understand the pain of those kids. She added,

"I have been through physical hardship and helplessness. My right arm was paralysed. I know what difficulty I went through while eating and writing. I know these difficulties. My heart started going out to these people who are facing difficulties."

Once in an interview with Pinkvilla, Anu revealed that even doctors have given up on her, but yoga had saved her life. She had revealed,

"The accident happened in 1999, and with that, doctors said, 'She won't live. She will survive for hardly three years.' But I was certain I could heal. Then everything I had learned, I applied on myself and healed myself. Then, I started yoga therapy for slum kids, and then I was later recognised by other organisations where I gave talks."

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