9 Cool And Creative Ways To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding


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9 Cool And Creative Ways To Include Your Pets In Your Wedding

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, probably never really owned a pet. In fact, not just women, but all the animal lovers find a true companion in them. For them, their pets are an important part of their family. They want to give them all the luxuries, and want them to be part of each and every occasion of their lives. Be it a housewarming party or a birthday, they want their pets to have a gala time with them in each celebration. No wonder, animal lovers want them to be a part of their wedding as well.

Well, if you also have a pet (or pets) at home, then here are some really adorable ideas for you to include your little darling(s) in the most important event of your life, your wedding.

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#1. Let them be the ring-bearer

Not only on the wedding day, you can make use of your little darling in the cutest way to propose to your other darling. Let your pet bring the ring attached to his/her collar when you pop the question. And, if your pet is a well-trained dog, then how about letting him balance the ring on his nose and offer it to your fiancé.

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#2. Let them help you 'save the date'

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'Save the date' idea is quite popular in the western culture, and is now gaining popularity even in India. So, let your pets convey the details of your wedding to your friends and family. Get a few pictures of your pet clicked along with a sign that say ‘save the date’. Now, all you have to do is to post them on your social networking sites, or share them directly with your loved ones. If you want, you and your partner can also be a part of these pictures.

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#3. Include them in your pre-wedding shoot

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As you get set for a pre-wedding shoot, you can add some twist to it by making your pet a part of it. While most couples make use of some unusual props to make this shoot more interesting, you will have your little darling to add more charm to it.

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#4. Make them a part of your wedding pictures

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After your wedding, your pet will always be a part of your family. So, how about getting some really nice family photographs shot during the entire wedding celebrations? So, after the pre-wedding shoot, it is time for your pet to pose for some more clicks during all wedding ceremonies, such as mehendi, sangeet, haldi, as well as the wedding day itself.

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#5. Walk down the aisle with your best friend

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Remember Priscilla Chan walking down the aisle with Beast Zuckerberg? Well, this is truly a great way for brides to make their pets a part of the most important day of your life. While you walk towards your groom on the wedding day, let your best buddy accompany you at that time. It will simply add tons of extra happiness in your mind on the happiest day of your life. And, it is something which will look cool even if you do it in a traditional Indian wedding.

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#6. Let them be the flower girl’s companion

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For those having a Christian wedding, you can dress up your pets well and let them accompany the cute little flower girl to walk down the aisle. It would be the perfect example of- ‘too much cuteness to handle!’

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#7. The sign holders

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You can get lightweight signboards made for your pets to wear on your wedding day. Some of the ideas for these signboards can be, ‘this way to the ceremony’, ‘here comes the bride’, ‘my parents are getting married today’, etc. But, do not make them stand with the signboard for too long. Let them have fun too by roaming around. And, after their work is over, let them have a good time ripping the sign boards apart!

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#8. The main attraction on the cake

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While you order your wedding cake, do keep in mind your pets. Get cute little figurines of fondant made for the cake toppers that look just like your pet. And, don’t forget to get pictures of the cake clicked along with your pet for a sweet giggle later on.

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#9. Get them hitched as well

Now that you have found a new happiness in life in form of your partner, how about finding the same for your pet as well? And, the celebrations will be doubled if they too take the vows on the same day. Isn’t it?

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Some important tips to keep in mind

While you and your pet gear up to celebrate the happiest time of your life, here are a few things that you must keep in mind to ensure everything goes just the way you want:

a) Consult with everyone involved if they are comfortable with an animal being a part of your wedding. If someone is allergic to cats or absolutely terrified of dogs, it is probably better to leave your pet at home.

b) As all wedding venues do not allow pets, check to make sure if yours does.

c) Since you would be quite busy on your wedding day, better designate a friend or family member to watch and take care of your pet.

d) It would be better if you will go to the venue a few times before the wedding. This will allow your pet to get familiar with the place.

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Your pets certainly love you as much as you love them. So, do not let them be away from you on the most important day of your life. Just steal any of these cool ideas, and make them an active participant in your wedding.

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