9 Common Things Every Indian Bride Thinks First Day After Her Wedding


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9 Common Things Every Indian Bride Thinks First Day After Her Wedding

Marriage brings a big change in a woman's life. As a newlywed bride, she always has a lot of things going on in her mind. While she gets free from the stressful yet exciting thoughts related to the wedding planning, a new set of things make their way in her mind. And, just like the ones that were there in her mind before marriage, even these thoughts fill her with a variety of emotions. After marriage, her mind buzzes with confusion, excitement, happiness, nervousness, and a lot more.

So, if you are also getting ready to tie the knot very soon, then let us get you acquainted with the things that may come in your mind the very next day after your wedding.

#1. Have I woken up at the right time?

Probably this would be the first thing to come in your mind as soon as you will be out of your bed, “I hope I have not woken up too late?” You would definitely not want to leave a bad impression in front of your in-laws by getting up quite late in the morning. And hence, mere thought of being the last person to wake up might just leave you fretting for the next few minutes. And, not to miss the cluelessness about what to do next, which will come just after this one.

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#2. I hope I took the right decision

So, you are married to him now, forever! Well, this certainly is something that you were looking forward to for so long. However, the thought that if he is actually the right person for you, is quite normal to sneak in your mind at this time. So, you better be prepared to deal with a ‘temporary panic attack’!

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#3. It all happened so quickly

Oh my God! I am actually married! The last six months flew by in no time. It seems like, it was just yesterday I was planning for my wedding. I hope I am able to survive without my parents. Well, along with the happiness of being with your sweetheart, you will also be surrounded by a few such nostalgic thoughts on the first day after marriage.

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#4. What do I wear?

You surely would be so relieved to realise that you do not need to wear those heavy outfits teamed up with too much of makeup and layers of jewellery. But at the same time, there also would be the thoughts of how to dress up well in your new home. Every time you will pick up something, you will not be able to stop yourself from asking some questions. For example, ‘Is this the best thing to wear as a newlywed?’, ‘Am I being too casual?’, etc. Well, we hope now you know what else to add in your shopping list.

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#5. I get to be the real me

You will really heave a sigh of relief after all the wedding functions would be done. Especially, because you would not have to put on a fake smile and greet every stranger you meet. What’s more? The thought that you can be yourself and start enjoying the new phase of your life rather than getting anxious about everything going around you, will just give you an ecstatic feeling.

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#6. I hope they would like me

I hope I make a good first day impression on my in-laws. I hope they like me. Did they like what I prepared for lunch? You get the drift, right?

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#7. It is time to change status on Facebook

Last few weeks were quite too hectic, and so would be the next few ones. But, I will have to find some time to change my relationship status on Facebook. We are pretty sure you would not just be thinking about this, but would be highly excited as well to tell the world all about your lavish wedding celebrations.

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#8. It is time for honeymoon

The holiday mood sets in as soon as the couple gets married. And of course, you being no different, would be excited as hell about it. As you would imagine yourself with your partner on an exotic location, you will simply be left beaming with joy. Isn’t it?

#9. I am married. Really!

Finally, here comes the realisation time. Amid all the hectic days and busy schedules, you hardly might have got time to ponder over the big change that you will face in life. And, now that you would be actually into it, you surely will say this to yourself for once at least.

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We hope you have a fair idea of what all will be going inside your mind just after your wedding. But, at the same time, do not forget that these are just a part of the new phase in your life. So, simply enjoy ‘being married’ and let time take care of everything else.

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