8 Tasty Snacks To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth While On A Diet


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8 Tasty Snacks To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth While On A Diet

There is nothing more difficult for a sweet lover than to restrict the intake of sweets. But nothing is impossible for a willing heart and a determined mind. It might seem difficult to satisfy your craving for sweets while you are on a diet, but it is not something that cannot be done. And no, we are not going to ask you to curb the craving. All you have to do is just think over the alternatives. And if you can’t think of them, allow us to do that for you as well.

There are numerous options available that promise to please the demands of your sweet tooth while keeping the guilt of extra sugar at bay. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at these yummy and healthy treats:

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#1. Cocoa-hidden almonds

A little-time consuming to prepare, but it is definitely a great treat for all chocolate lovers.

Take 2 cups of raw almonds, and mix it thoroughly with 2 tablespoons of agave syrup (which you can easily find in any superstore) and 2 teaspoon of sea salt in a large bowl, till all almonds are well-coated. Spread the coated almonds on a parchment-lined baking paper, and put it in an oven (pre-heated at 350 degrees) for 10 minutes. After that, take the almonds out and toss them in a large bowl. Now, add 2 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, and mix till each almond is completely covered. Tasty crunchy cocoa almonds are ready to treat your sweet tooth and keep you healthy.

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#2. Peanut butter and banana ice cream

Image Courtesy: twopeasandtheirpod.com

This is another amazing diet and sweet tooth-friendly dessert. Slice two peeled bananas, and take a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter. Now, take a bowl/dish and cover it with wax paper, and spread the banana slices on it. Put this dish in freezer for two and a half hours. After that, taken the frozen banana slices and blend them with peanut butter in a blender. What you get is a healthy and tasty banana and peanut butter ice cream.

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#3. Flavoured yoghurt

Yoghurt is a rich source of proteins. And, when it comes to yoghurt, there is end number of things that dieters can try to satisfy their sweet tooth. Indulge in some sweet yoghurt by adding some stevia or low-calorie sweetener in it. If you want to excite things up, then go for naturally flavoured yoghurt, by adding some bananas, grapes and strawberries in it. This would not only please your craving, but also leave you feeling full.

You can also transform the plain, simple yoghurt into a exciting dessert by adding some nuts, dark chocolate chips, coconut flakes, etc. in it, along with the fruits. This will make it even more nutritious and tasty.

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#4. Yummy Smoothies

What do you do when you feel like drinking something sweet? Go for a healthy and fresh smoothie. Smoothies are a flavoured and fruitful way to trick that sweet tooth, and keep untimely hunger pangs at bay.

It is a perfect drink to go for in the evenings. Add nutritious ingredients like low-fat yoghurt, honey and naturally sweet fruits in it, to do away with sugar altogether.

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#5. Fig and almond shake

Figs are a rich source of calcium, potassium and manganese and they have a natural sweetness in them. A fig and almond milkshake is a fantastic elixir for your health. Figs restore your energy while almonds give you strength.

Image Courtesy: cubesnjuliennes.com

You can use fresh figs or dried figs soaked overnight. Blend it with some almonds and low-fat milk till you get a rich and creamy shake.

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#6. Slush and sorbets

Who doesn’t enjoy the refreshing and colourful slush and sorbet in the hot summer months? But a glass full of sugar and calories can make you think twice. Try making a natural slush or sorbet in the comfort of your home.

Just put some crushed ice with any naturally sweet fruit juice of your choice, say pineapple, strawberry, banana or mango, in a blender. The result is a tasty substitute to the calorie-laden market version without the guilt.

#7. Sweet berries

Berries are bite-sized antioxidant powerhouse, which come in a variety of vibrant colours and flavours. The sweet and tangy tastes of berries are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and also enjoy the health benefits. These colourful bites are full of anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. So, go for strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, whatever your sweet tooth asks for, without a worry.

What’s more? Don’t treat your fruits like something you have to eat, transform them into a tasty treat that you want to eat. You can drizzle some low-calorie honey on mixed berries to make them yummier. Or, you can blend them together with ice, and freeze them to make popsicles. You can also add some diet ice cream to your favourite berries to turn them into a salivating dessert.

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#8. Almonds and dates

These two together make for a sweet-tooth friendly, healthy snack for dieters. Just mix some dates and almonds together, and indulge in them whenever the craving or hunger pangs take over. They are nuts that are packed with nutrients, and have healthy fats in them.

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So, whether you are on a diet or are calorie conscious, indulge in these guilt-free sweet and yummy treats once in a while, to give your sweet tooth a rest.

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