8 Super-Smart Ways To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer


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8 Super-Smart Ways To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

We girls love to experiment when it comes to hair styling, however, when it comes to hair colouring, some of us chicken out because of overriding fears of chemicals and how they will make our hair dull and lifeless. But, little did we know that many of our seemingly harmless hair care habits are to be blamed.

So, acquaint yourself with a few hacks that will make your hair colour not just last the entire summer, but also keep your hair from going dull.

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#1. Install a filter in your shower

Hair Colour Tips

You won’t need an Instagram filter to post a ‘lovely hair day’ photo once you have a filter installed in your shower! Trust us on this because a filter can remove chemicals like chlorine from the water and give your hair a chemical-free wash. This way you minimize draining your hair of the lovely hair colour you just got done!

#2. Shampooing can wait

Hair Colour Tips

Don’t shampoo often and in fact wait till you think your hair isn’t greasy enough for a good wash. Shampooing your hair twice a week is good enough, but if you can’t think of just twice a week routine then give hair styling some thought. Wash your hair on Sunday and bun it up on Monday; wear a pony on Tuesday; a side-braid on Wednesday and wash on Thursday! You’re sorted, aren’t you?

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#3. A cold wash only

Hair Colour Tips

No matter how tempting and relaxing a hot shower on one of those slightly chilly monsoon days may sound like, strictly go for a cold shower. The hot water opens your cuticle and releases the colour and moisture from your hair. We suggest you shampoo and rinse with cold water only and towel dry your hair. Cold water locks cuticles and keeps the shine in your hair for long!

#4. Less and less of heat styling

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Don’t scorch your coloured tresses with heat styling tools. If you don’t give up on heat syling tools, you bust your cuticles open that allow more water absorption on your next hair wash. This means loss of colour and dull and dry hair. Would you risk that after spending a fortune in hair colouring?

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#5. Be swim smart

Hair Colouring Tips

Wearing a head cap before you dive into the pool, but that isn’t the only way you protect your hair from chlorine-saturate pool water. You got to use a hair serum with SPF to keep your hair colour from fading.

#6. Wear a hat to minimise sun exposure

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It is needless to say that sun rays can compromise your hair quality and make them dull, dry and difficult to style. So make sure you carry a hat with you or cover it with scarf for minimal sun exposure.

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#7. Reach for apple cider vinegar

Hair Colouring Tips

Your hair will thank you for this once in a month treatment with apple cider vinegar. All you got to do is mix one part of it with three parts of water and coat your hair strand with it, but this routine is to be followed only after you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair. Your hair will regain the lost shine and the colour will be as good as new!

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#8. Don’t be scared of trimming!

Hair Colouring Tips

Think about it – the tip of your hair strand whether coloured or not, is the oldest and of course, the colour will not be as fresh as what sits on the rest of the hair, so it’s best to trim them.

Now, there you have all the tricks to make your hair colour last longer this summer. Let’s see more of you with a splash of colour on your hair!

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