8 Simple Tricks To Be A Calm And Graceful Bride On Your Wedding


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8 Simple Tricks To Be A Calm And Graceful Bride On Your Wedding

So, it is you wedding day and you want the most special day of your life to be memorable not just for you, but also for the ones who attend it. But, no matter how foolproof your arrangements are, certain goof-ups might take place during your wedding. We agree that such things might freak out and leave you panicky on your wedding day. But, worry no more. We bring you a few ways on how you can avoid this unnecessary stress and become the most composed bride.

#1. Avoid drastic changes

A drastic makeover just before the wedding can actually spoil your mood, if it does not get executed properly. Be it changing your hair colour, going for a skin treatment, or trying a new hairstyle, if the end result does not make you happy, it will surely leave you upset. So, avoid doing anything drastic before your wedding, if you do not want to regret your decision later on.

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#2. Avoid taking stress over petty issues

There might be several things going in your mind on your wedding day, but it is better to avoid taking unnecessary stress on petty issues and relax yourself. It is not your fault if the florist could not arrange the flowers of your choice for the venue decorationIt will anyhow not stop the guests from attending and enjoying your wedding. 

So, instead of taking stress over such petty issues, pay attention to other important things, like performing the rituals properly, ensuring all your bags are packed, rechecking your appointment with your parlour. This way you can divert your mind towards other important things and not bother about unnecessary issues.

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#3. Pay attention to makeup

Makeup can either make or break your look on the wedding day. So, to avoid a catastrophe, make a note of all the good makeup artists in the city. Consult your friends, research a bit, and choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

Book a prior appointment and if possible, take a trial makeup session as well. This will help you to avoid the situation of you freaking out on your wedding day, as bad makeup can make you look like a different person altogether.

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#4. Dress rehearsal

So, it is your wedding day and you cannot wait to dress up as the bride. But, when the actual time comes to get dressed up, you find out that your blouse does not fit you well, or you do not feel comfortable walking in those high heels. You will obviously freak out at such a situation.

Therefore, to avoid such situations, we advise you to do a dress rehearsal before the wedding day. Not giving your wedding attire a dry run is a big mistake, which you must avoid making. 

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#5. Do not overeat

It is a proven fact that people tend to overeat when under tremendous stress. And since it is wedding time, sweets are available in plenty at your home. So, you end up eating them the most.  

Just relax and remember that eating too many sweets can cause pimples on your face. In addition, eating such fattening foods can make you gain weight too. So, go for other healthier options like fruits, nuts or salads to de-stress yourself.

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#6. De-stress your mind

So, it is your wedding day and you start getting jitters about thinking of the same. Well, we advise you not to take much stress and start your day with some yoga or meditation, to keep your mind and body relaxed.  

Drink water and keep yourself hydrated during the day. Recheck your packed luggage and recharge your phone completely. Lastly, take some time out just for yourself, listen to some soothing music and relax, as the tedious process of wedding rituals would leave you exhausted in the evening.

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#7. Ignore troublemakers

There are bound to be some troublemakers in every wedding. They are those who enjoy the most when a trouble takes place. They initiate panic and aggravate it too.

So, we advise you to stay away from such people no matter how close you are to them. Let your parents handle such people while you enjoy your special day to the fullest.

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#8. Learn to delegate

You must understand that you are the bride and you cannot manage everything on your own. You should not take charge of everything and get down to take care of the minutest detail of your own wedding.

Since you are the bride here, you are ought to just sit back and relax. So, delegate what needs to be done to the people you trust.

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Getting unnerved is natural owing to the stressful wedding environment, but keeping your cool and yet managing everything is a smarter thing to do. Ofcourse by keeping it cool, you can achieve everything smoothly as and when you want it. So, just take it easy and avoid being a panicky bride by following these simple tips.

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