6 Biggest Exfoliation Mistakes That A Bride-To-Be Should Never Make


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6 Biggest Exfoliation Mistakes That A Bride-To-Be Should Never Make

The various benefits of exfoliation make it an important part of the skin care routine of any bride-to-be. If you wish to have a soft, glowing, and tight skin on the day of your wedding, exfoliation is the only answer. When done in a right manner, it will clean your pores, remove dead skin cells, and make your skin brighter and better. However, do not ignore the common exfoliation mistakes that many brides tend to make, as it can cause damage to your skin.

Here are some exfoliation mistakes all brides-to-be must avoid, to save themselves from any disappointment on the day of their wedding. 

#1. Exfoliating a lot

Any woman, who knows the benefit of exfoliating, might get tempted with the idea of "the more the better”, especially before her wedding. This can prove to be a costly mistake, irrespective of your skin type. In an attempt to overcompensate your skin, you will end up making it even drier or oilier. Hence, if you are overdoing it at present, limit yourself to just once or twice a week.

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#2. No moisturiser after exfoliation

Exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells, and leaves your skin absolutely new and fresh. However, not applying moisturiser after this process will make all these benefits vanish from your glowing face. It will just cause more dryness, allowing dead skin to pile up. Your skin is at its vulnerable best after you have exfoliated it. If you do not hydrate your skin at this stage, it can cause irritations.

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#3. Dry exfoliation

Dry exfoliation is the process of gently rubbing a brush over your skin to remove the dead skin cells. Although it is also an effective way of giving freshness to your skin, you need to be careful about those areas of your skin that are too sensitive. For example, dry rubs must be avoided on the delicate skin of your face or chest. Hence, wet these areas so as to avoid painful irritations and rashes.

#4. Harsh scrubbing

If your skin turns red after exfoliating, you are probably being too harsh. You need to be very gentle. Also, do not be in a hurry to finish it off. Give time and allow the ingredients to work on your skin. Rub the exfoliator gently in circular motions with your fingers or a brush.

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#5. Not exfoliating the rest of the body

If you thought only your face needs exfoliation, you are forgetting that the rest of your body is skin too. You need to exfoliate all parts of the body, especially your neck, elbows, chest, and feet. However, there are different scrubs and tools to treat different parts of the body. Limit your facial scrub to your face, and look for other products to treat rest of the parts of your body.

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#6. Choosing the wrong products

While on the lookout for an exfoliation product, have a look at the ingredients in the same. Make sure they suit your skin type. Pay special attention if you have sensitive skin or any kind of allergies. There are mainly three types of exfoliators available in the market viz. scrubs, chemicals, and enzymes. 

Exfoliator for oily skin: Scrub contains small granules that remove the dead skin when you apply it on your skin. This is suggested to be used on the oily skin as it also removes dirt, oil, etc. quite easily, as compared to other exfoliators.

Exfoliator for dry skin: Chemical based exfoliators contain a substance found in the fruits, i.e., alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHAs). This substance clears off the dead cells by penetrating deep into the skin and dissolving them. This kind of exfoliator is good for dry skin as it helps in making it firm and tight.

Exfoliator for sensitive skin: Enzyme based exfoliators are considered good for sensitive skin as they contain subtle and natural substances to dissolve the dead skin cells from your body. The exfoliators that contain papaya or pineapple extracts are safe and good for you, if you have sensitive skin. 

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Even though exfoliation is all good for your skin, it can still cause damage if not done properly. Hence, the next time you plan to exfoliate, keep these tips in mind, and get ready to flaunt your best face to the world on the day of your wedding. 


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