5 TV Celeb Couples And Their Gorgeous Honeymoon Destinations


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5 TV Celeb Couples And Their Gorgeous Honeymoon Destinations

After the big fat Indian wedding comes the much-awaited honeymoon. Every couple, celebrity or otherwise, plans out their honeymoon with a lot of excitement and eagerness. Where to go, which hotel to book, what to see once you get there….the list seems to go on and on!

But finally, when the bags are packed and you and your beau are boarding the plane to set off on your honeymoon, all of that planning becomes worth it. In a similar fashion, all our favourite TV celebrities too, plan out their honeymoons patiently and in great detail.

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In spite of having super-busy shoot schedules, they have all seen to it that they take out some time to plan out their honeymoon and what fun they have all had! Some have even gone off on second honeymoons!

So, scroll on to know where 5 of TV's most loved celebrity couples went to on their honeymoons. If you are going to get married soon, bring out some pen and paper and start taking notes!

#1. Vivek Dahiya And Divyanka Tripathi

Honeymoon Destinations

After a sweet fairytale wedding, this couple set off on their honeymoon. Their choice of destination was Udaipur. Many people termed this as their ‘secret honeymoon’, since not many details were given out. However, later on, Vivek treated all their fans to a video wherein he was spotted singing Lag Ja Gale for his beloved wife (click here for the video).

Honeymoon Destinations

The hotel they decided to stay in, also made their stay memorable, by welcoming them with lovely goodies and decorating their room beautifully.

Honeymoon Destinations

In the charming, culturally rich city of Udaipur, this couple seems to have had a wonderful time.

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#2. Vivian D’sena and Vahbbiz Dorabji

Honeymoon Destinations

The Madhubala actor married Vahbbiz, who is also an actress, in January 2013. Because of work, the duo could not plan a honeymoon after the wedding. However, in the year 2013, they received a chance to and so, they set off to Australia.

Honeymoon Destinations

From cuddling for the camera to hanging out with kangaroos and going off on helicopter rides, the couple seems to have done it all! In the bustling and happy environs of Australia, they had a total blast, as can be witnessed from their cheerful pictures. But unfortunately, the couple recently separated and is not living together at the moment.

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#3. Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava

Honeymoon Destinations

Even though rumours of this famous couple splitting up is doing the rounds, it is needless to say that they have been nearly everyone’s favourite couple. Apart from looking good together, the two share a chemistry that can catch you off guard and make you smile wide.

Honeymoon Destinations

Karan and Ankita took some time off from their busy schedules and went to London for their honeymoon, where they spent quality time together. The actor even finished shooting for a couple of scenes well beforehand, so that he could go to London with his wife. How sweet is that?

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#4. Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal

Honeymoon Destinations

Mohit and Sanaya, popularly known as MoNaya look flawless together! Each time they make a public appearance, they always look rosy-cheeked and completely in love, even after having dated for almost eight years! Who wouldn’t like that? They got married in a beautiful beach wedding in Goa, in pomp and style. They went for their honeymoon twice!

Honeymoon Destinations

Firstly they made a quick trip to Greece, followed by a relaxed vacation in Maldives. They even met their former co-star Arjun Bijlani while they were there. All in all, it does look like they had a brilliant time on their honeymoon.

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#5. Anita Hassananadani and Rohit Reddy

Honeymoon Destinations

This gorgeous couple seems to have taken a second honeymoon trip to the Maldives! Anita and Rohit recently went off to the Maldives for a vacation and social media was filled with pictures of the lovely time they had together (click here for their adorable pictures).

Honeymoon Destinations

It seems like all they did was relax, swim, eat and have a peaceful and a romantic time in general.

Honeymoon Destinations

Well, that’s what couples do on a honeymoon anyway and by going for a second honeymoon of sorts, Anita and Rohit have just given you all couple goals!

All these TV couples had a wonderful time at their honeymoons. From sight-seeing to spending some much-needed, lovely quality time together, they have done it all and have flaunted it on social media. So, go on and take some tips from these stars and choose your destination!

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